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Ride (Inktober 2019 – Twenty-Eight)

Still trying to catch up… Well, we’re in November now, so “catching up” may not be the correct way to call what I’m doing. Let’s say that I’m set on finishing this Inktober 2019, even if it takes in a couple of weeks (it shouldn’t).

Today’s prompt is Ride.

As a friend just reminded me, my original idea back in September was to draw my second most common ride, just after my car. This is a ferry called Meon. However, as the month went by, I forgot that I meant to draw it. So instead, I tackled a much more difficult idea, one of my favorite scenes of cinema. It gives me the chill every single time I watch it. I hope you can recognize it. And actually, at the expense of a lot of detail, I’m pretty glad how it turned out.



Of course, I messed up the perspective, that was almost expected. The detail of the background had to go, there was no way I could do it right. And Theoden is not that great either, but I’m pretty happy with the horses on the left.



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