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Philippines – Episode 3: “This is not a We Game”



Is that just me or does the season seem to be full on in only three episodes? Good, isn’t it?

One thing before we start. This is a message to CBS. Seriously CBS, stop it with your “you should now use this hashtag on Twitter.” This is one thing TV (and the music industry and a few more) fails to understand about the internet. You don’t tell the internet what to do and think. It’s understandable that TV has trouble grasping that notion, after all deciding for the people is what it has done since it has existed, but in this days and age… Well…

Another thing: it has been said here and there, but I’m so excited for the water challenges to be back on the show. I watch Survivor for the strategy game, but I watch the challenges for things like water challenges, those past few seasons challenges have been extremely boring and I have been tempted many times to skip them, after all, they have little interest in terms of strategy and game play.

That being said, just like pretty much every real Survivor fan, I imagine myself there one day (although it will never happen) and truth is that with my poor swimming skills, I’d be terrible in such challenges (I could cost my team and victory and could be voted out because of my failures).




Not much about them this week, but the little we saw is a nice set up for some interesting things in the future. However, the little we see of them is a little worrisome. I have the feeling that come the merge, they’ll be the tribe that will be picked out one by one (save probably Penner and Jeff Kent)


Carter Williams: He spoke! I forgot what he said though…

– Dana Lambert: I remember in her pregame interview she sounded like she couldn’t swim much, and I expected her to cause her team to lose today, but not, she did pretty well actually (so maybe I could too, who knows?) Apart from that, not much about her.

Jeff Kent: I’m really starting to dislike him. He thinks he’s very good and all that, but so far he hasn’t proven anything. He thinks he’s playing Penner, but he may just be being played by Penner without realizing it (although that is up to debate), and what’s up with this four finger handshake thing? This is something my friends and I would do in elementary school. Seriously.

Jonathan Penner: This is where Penner’s experience comes into play. After people realized that someone must have the idol, instead of pretending too hard that he doesn’t have it, he’s using that information (the fact he has it) before it gets outed and as such loses the power that this information holds. Now, he should he wise to not fully trust Jeff. Will he? Will he not? No idea, but I’m convinced that Jeff is no match for Penner.

Katie Hanson: Who?

Sarah Dawson: Was she even there this week?






I won’t surprise anyone if I say that Matsing sucks a lot. However, to their “defense” (if I can call that a defense) production is somewhat to be blamed for that. I mean, it was clear since the very beginning that this tribe would be much weaker than the two others with three liabilities (four with Russell?) in the tribe. Why went through production’s mind to create a tribe that is much weaker than the other two ones? I’m really not sure. Maybe Russell started to annoy them real quick in pre-production too and they wanted to make sure he gets voted out before the merge?


Angie Layton voted out: Well, she was cute. She seemed nice too. Apart from that, not sure why she was on the show, although she was not as useless than I thought she would be. I mean, she tried to play the game (and failed) not just lie in the sun.

Denise Stapley: She impressed me during the challenge. She’s really one of the best overall female player we’ve had in a while (well, Kim Spradlin), possibly the best older female on that show. It’s sad she’s on that tribe, however, I really think that she still can go far and she still can win it all.

Malcolm Freberg: I’m glad Malcolm voted Angie out. He didn’t disappoint me and didn’t get blinded by the pretty girl. Yes, I know, last week I said that she could be a useful third vote that’s easy to control, but that’s only useful if the tribe has more than three people. However, he’s in a difficult position. Although, I’m glad to see that his alliance with Denise is solid, when they merge, while she can fly under the radar long enough to do something, I’m afraid Malcolm could be targeted early. We’ll see. I really hope they both go far, it’s my favorite alliance in a long time.

Russell Swan: Could he be playing a worse game? After alienating himself from the rest of his tribe on day one, he also sucks physically (except around camp) and strategically (he hasn’t talked strategy with Malcolm once? What? It’s not like they’re in a tribe of 10!) Truth is, if Russell hadn’t almost died in Samoa, I don’t think he would have ever been a returnee player. He’s not all-star material. I always saw Russell as a nice guy, but a nice guy who is all talk and a bit full of himself (plus the annoying cheerleader/coach attitude that I already mentioned). I’m not even sure he can strategize (remember, he never had to do it in Samoa).
One word about his performance at tribal council. On the one hand, it’s never really classy to make a 20 year old girl cry, especially when you could be her dad. On the other hand, I have to give him props; I never saw anyone defend himself with such fervor at tribal when they’re in the hot seat like he is.





I’m finding this tribe more and more entertaining. Dominant in challenges and with cracks all over the place, ready to implode the first chance it gets. I believe it will be a fun ride.


 – Abi-Maria Gomes: What’s up with this woman? Is she crazy? Is it something else? She got a bit too intense in her excitement on day one, when she allied herself with R.C. Then, she became a little to paranoid. R.C. hasn’t done a single thing that could imply she’s not to be trusted (the opposite in fact) and she started distrusting her and arguing with her. Now, the arguing continues to the point that she actually betrays R.C. and finds the immunity idol in her back. One little detail being that she thinks she has the idol, but I’m pretty sure, Pete thinks otherwise and that also could lead to interesting exchanges between the two as well as more betrayals.

 – Artis Silvester: He spoke. About getting rid of Mike I think? I’m not sure why they all want to get rid of Mike. This is stupid really, Mike sucks at strategy too. Maybe he didn’t in Season 2, but he seems a bit clueless on how to play this game now (not looking for the idol is one sign, being too trusty and honest with everyone else is another one). Artis seems a little on the outs so far, trying to get rid of Mike instead of becoming his friend really is not that smart).

– Lisa Whelchel: Poor Lisa. She finally has found someone who wants to ally with her, but only to target the only person she has somewhat bonded with. The worst is that she’s not in a position to say anything else but “Yes, and thank you so much to not get rid of me first, I’ll do whatever you say.”

– Michael Skupin: The guy is just too intense. Probst said it in this week’s EW mini interview: now we know the truth, Mike falling into the fire 11 years ago was not an accident, it was just Mike being Mike. A guy thinking he’s a super hero, but who’s actually a danger to himself because he refuses to acknowledge his limits or the dangers that surround him. On the strategic side, I think that the other players really shouldn’t target him that much. The guy hasn’t really kept pace with how the game has evolved. He thinks he does, but I really think he’s wrong. Well, future (and Tandang’s first tribal council will prove me right or wrong I think)

– Pete Yurkowski: So, the guy can play strategically, and not too poorly actually. He’s now in control of a pretty interesting alliance and the immunity idol (although I think having Abi-Maria in your alliance is a very dangerous thing… for yourself…). I still think he’s a douche though, and I don’t think that will change any time soon.

– Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Amour: Last week I said I couldn’t find myself to like her, but this week I’m starting to do so. I guess it’s the rooting for the underdog thing. Since the first minutes of the game she was in a dominant position in her tribe, and now she’s in danger to be the first voted out and not see it coming. That would be a huge mistake from her tribe mates, but one that they could make soon. Voting her early in the game could lead to Tandang self-destruction.


Next time on Survivor:

Matsing loses again! Russell is out of the game. Penner and Jeff form that strange alliance that could be powerful if it holds. Tandang keeps on becoming more and more messed up despite winning challenges.

Two weeks later, there is a first merge/reshuffling of the tribes. Some people get screwed by it as usual, but it saves Malcolm and Denise who can take control of their new tribe by being the swing votes and being nonthreatening.

That would be nice if it happened, wouldn’t it?

Who will be voted out next?

If Kalabaw goes to tribal, I have no idea who gets voted out. So I don’t think they’ll go.

If Matsing goes, Russell is out.

If Tandang goes, Mike or R.C. are in trouble.

What do you think?

Winner Prediction:

Still Denise.


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