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Philippines: Episode 2 – “Don’t be Blinded by the Headlights”



Hi everyone,

Sorry I’m one day late with my analysis of Survivor Philippines Episode 2, those are things that happen when one is busy. 🙂

So, let’s not waste any more time and let’s see what there is to say about this episode that was quite interesting, although still quite introductory.





We still haven’t seen a lot of them, I wonder what that means. Every season, when we don’t see some players much early in the season, I tend to assume this is because their story will unfold later. However, in recent seasons, most of the time, the invisible players in the beginning remain invisible for pretty much the whole season. So this lack of airtime for Kalabaw, could mean that they will all be pagonged at some point, except maybe Penner.


Carter Williams: Two episodes and still no interview. I don’t think we even have heard him speak while interacting with other players. Not a good sign for him. I’m starting to think that he won’t have any influence on the game whatsoever.

– Dana Lambert: Not much about her either, but she had some screen time last week, so she may do a thing or two in future episodes.

Jeff Kent: He spoke, he had private interviews, but did he say anything else but reminding us for the tenth time that he played 14 years in the MLB? (or was it 17? I was not paying attention).

Jonathan Penner: While Penner denied it on Facebook, it really seems that he’s not bonding with his tribe at all. I tend to believe him, he wouldn’t make such a stupid mistake. So why is he edited in such a way. I assume that despite his efforts, his tribe mates will want to gang up on him. Now that he has the hidden immunity idol, he could be able to save himself though. I could see a situation where they go to tribal council, they try to vote him out, he uses the idol, the following day, there is a merge or a reshuffling of the tribes, he then become instrumental in pagonging his former tribe mates. We’ll see.

Katie Hanson: She played the part of Invisible Girl this week didn’t she?

Sarah Dawson: Not much about her either, although I’m sure she’ll have an influence at some point in the game.





Oh, oh, losing two challenges in a row with such small tribes is very very dangerous. Is this tribe already pretty much dead? Or not? I think it’s not and that some of its players will last long, they wouldn’t get so much screen time otherwise, would they?


Angie Layton: I don’t really have much to say about her really (except for all the things I will say in the next couple of paragraphs). well, I could say “Cookies” of course.

Denise Stapley: Here is what I wonder about Denise right now. Why didn’t she try to vote Angie out? I have a few theories. First Malcolm bullshitted her a reason to keep Angie and she fell for it. Unlikely. Malcolm and her are already as tight as they seem to be, and she didn’t get paranoid about the Angie thing. Actually, she realized that she’s a very good goat to bring far as well as an extra vote with hers and Malcolm. Had she voted Angie out, next time they go to tribal, it would have been a tie: Denise-Malcolm vs Russell-Roxy. With Roxy out, Russell is obviously the next out… Or Angie… in any case, not her.

Malcolm Freberg: I really don’t see Malcolm forming a real couple-alliance (Boston Rob / Amber style) with Angie. I think he just did what any 24 year old man would have done when you’re cold and a hot girl wants to cuddle with you. His mistake was to be a bit too obvious I guess and that freaked out some people (well, only Roxy really). However, now he pretty much has her with him and as mentioned in the previous paragraph, Denise and him can use her as a third vote, which will be very useful.

– Roxanne “Roxy” Morris voted out: In recent seasons, Jesus freaks seemed to be taking over Survivor, so it’s good to see that this time around, being one gets you voted out second. Cause let’s face it, if Roxy freaked out like that with the Malcolm-Angie thing, it was not because of strategy, but because of her bigotry. Two people cuddling next to her must be horrific to her. Who knows what they’re going to do next? Have sex most likely! maybe even try to have an orgy and involve her! All of that without being married! That’s horrible isn’t it? Well, she can return to her seminary and become a nun fine now, she doesn’t have to worry anymore.

Russell Swan: He really dodge a bullet last week, and he seems to have nicely got himself out of the hole he dug for himself. But Russell shouldn’t fool himself, he’s still very close to the edge of that hole. Roxy’s eviction proves one thing, it is that he’s not in control of his tribe. Starting the game, he said he didn’t want to be the leader, right after he tried to be the leader, but now he’s got his wishes granted, he’s definitely not the leader nor has any control on what’s happening, and he really could be the next one out in his tribe. I also want to add that the way he acts (and overdoes it all the time) is pretty interesting. There is one major difference between Russell and every other returning player we’ve had so far. While he has experience in the survival part of the game, he’s been to tribal council only once before (in Samoa to vote Yasmin out), so his experience on the strategic side of the game is indeed very poor, and that shows. That shows when they lose challenges (a thing that rarely happened to him in Samoa either) and it shows during tribal either, where he really is not different from the other players (whereas returnees usually know what not to say at tribal and how to keep a poker face and such).





All is good and rosy at Tandang… Well, no it’s not, but as long as they win immunity they can keep the appearances. However, the longer a tribe doesn’t go to tribal council, the longer tensions fester and sometimes that can lead to some pretty interesting self-destruction (I was talking about Samoa a few lines before, Galu is the perfect example)


 – Abi-Maria Gomes: I was afraid the Abi-Maria / RC alliance was going to dominate the game this season, but Abi-Maria’s first paranoid freak out after just a few days makes me feel that they won’t be too dangerous and they will provide a lot of entertainment. Seriously Abi? When people are allied with you they’re not allowed to speak to anyone else? Did she realize that RC didn’t have to share the clue to the hidden immunity idol and yet she did? Doesn’t look like the behavior of someone who’d want to betray you with no valid reason to do it. Wow, I wouldn’t want to date the girl or even be her friend, her levels of jealousy must be off the charts. I think we’ll see a lot of them in the next few episodes, until they try to vote each other out.

 – Artis Silvester: Invisible man Artis. Strange, in pre-game interviews he really was talkative.

– Lisa Whelchel: As it has been said and shown before, an early breakdown in the game is no biggie and people who suffer them become quite mentally strong for the remainder of the game (Dawn in South Pacific, Holly in Nicaragua). However, a thing Dawn and Holly had done was to bond with at least some of their tribe mates. It doesn’t seem that Lisa is doing it. Maybe with Skupin? Maybe…

– Michael Skupin: Not much about him this week either. However, he’s in a pretty safe spot right now, I don’t see anyone targeting him in the near future. His only problem (and this is why returning players don’t bother me as much this season) is that just like Russell who has little experience of the strategy part of the game, Mike’s experience may not be of much help as he played so long ago, and the game has changed so much (also neither Russell nor him have experience post-merge). An example (that reminded me of Boston Rob in Heroes Vs Villains) is the way he overlooks the importance of hidden immunity idols and doesn’t even seem to be looking for it.

– Pete Yurkowski: Did anyone say douchebag?

– Roberta “R.C.” Saint-Amour: I don’t hate her, but for some reason, I can’t find myself to like her. She definitely seems to be the most solid player in her tribe, she seems to have everything to go very far in the game, but I don’t know, it’s like I have no interest in her at this point of the game.


Next time on Survivor:

Don’t tell me Skupin will injure himself again!

Who will be voted out next?

If Kalabaw goes to tribal, my vote is on Jeff (maybe thanks to Penner’s hidden immunity idol).

If Matsing goes, Russell is in trouble, although Malcolm and Denise could think that they need him more than Angie.

If Tandang goes, Artis or Lisa are in trouble, although we could see a RC/Abi-Maria implosion.

What do you think?

Winner Prediction:

So far, my vote is on Denise.


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