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Parvati Shallow

(Micronesia – 4th-time player)

Talking about legendary players and huge targets, here is another one.

I’m quite surprised to see Parvati play again, and it’s a good surprise.

I’d be tempted to say that Parvati – just like Boston Rob – will be voted out as soon as possible, but back in Heroes vs Villains, she also was the biggest target at the beginning of the season, the one who had no chance to survive more than a couple of votes, and look how far she went.

Can she do it again? I think she could!

If one of the “legends” can make it to the end and can win, I think that’s her.

Now, don’t get me wrong, it will require a lot of luck, a lot of idols and some twists falling her way, but she can do it.

She’s one of the most connected players out there, if not the most connected along with Sandra, and her charm is intact, no one seems to be able to resist it – except maybe Sandra. Actually, thinking about it, if both women want to go far, they’ll probably have to work together. Let see if this happens.

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