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Paris Skyline from the Samaritaine Roof


Today, a small piece of Paris recent history. La Samaritaine was one of the biggest, oldest, most famous department store in Paris, and one where Parisians actually went shopping to (unlike Galeries Lafayette). It was closed a few years ago by an unscrupulous owner (LVMH who else?) who used “security reasons” as an excuse for an unsavory real estate development project. Apparently he succeeded, the place will reopen soon as a luxury hotel.

The history or the soul of such a landmark place didn’t matter much when it was a question of making a few more million Euros.

People often wonder why I hate LVMH. Here is another reason.

Among the many great things La Samaritaine used to have was one of the best views of Paris skyline from its roof. One of the coolest attractions of Paris, and a free one too (LVMH hates free).

This is what the view looked like:




We haven’t been able to see this in the last 6 years, and won’t be able to in the future either, unless you’re rich enough to afford the presidential suite or whatever it’s going to be called in the upcoming hotel.


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