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Ozzy Lusth

While I have to admit that I’m pretty excited to have Coach back (I mean, I still hate the idea of having two returning contestants, but if we have to have them, at least let’s pick some that are entertaining), I’m quite indifferent to Ozzy Lusth coming back.

I mean, I’ve always been indifferent to Ozzy.

Indifferent with a vaguely positive feeling during Cook Islands – yes, his athleticism is quite impressive, almost as impressive as his lack of strategy.
Indifferent with a vaguely negative feeling  during Micronesia where he was kinda douchey more often than not (I liked the way he was blindsided though).

What can we expect from him this time around?

Well, I’m sure that pre-merge, he will have a very easy time. He will provide his team with food and experience, he will most likely win them enough challenges that they will enter the merge in a dominant position. We can safely safe that he will be safe until the merge.

Then, this is when things will get difficult for him. If his own tribe doesn’t turn against him because of the “Boston Rob effect” (they won’t want to hand him the million the way the stupid people at Ometepe did with Mariano), I can easily see the remaining Upolu ganging up against him with the help of one or two Savaii (I see Cochran making his big move then for example).

And really, whatever he does pre-merge, I don’t see how he can survive a long time once the merge happens. That being said, we all know what a threat Ozzy is in challenges, which means two things: it will be hard to get rid of him if he starts winning individual immunity over and over again, and once they succeed voting him out, he still has good chance to pull a Matt Elrod at Redemption Island and come back and be final five or four.

In other terms, Ozzy still has good chances to end up in the final three (or final two, we don’t know yet which ones it’s going to be).

Still, if he makes it to the end, I still don’t see him winning (especially because most other contestants are in it to win, not just to be on TV).

What do you guys think? Does he stand any chance?

Oh and what’s up with his hair?

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