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Overgrown (Inktober 2019 – Fourteen)

It had to happen, the white rabbit has caught up with me. One busy week-end and here we go, no time for Inktober!

So today’s prompt is Overgrown.

My original idea was to draw something very similar to this:

MECON on Megijima


There was no way I could draw anything remotely similar and at least a little acceptable in the time I had today. So, I settled for something simpler.

Note that for once it’s a drawing made of scratch.

I just got help from this tutorial for the cobblestone.

I have to admit that there isn’t a lot of ink in this drawing. Still, I felt that it needed some color.

I have to admit, this drawing is unfinished, but I simply have no time today to do more. Even the scanning of the drawing is not that good.

It’s a drawing I’d really like to revisit and try to do in a more satisfying manner in the future. Well, that’s an idea. Once Inktober is finished, I could try to improve on a few drawings I feel I could make better.

We’ll see.

Oh and I’m saving you the suspense, I have a very long day tomorrow, I’m afraid I won’t have anything for you. 🙁 I’ll try to catch up during the rest of the week which should be a bit less busy.


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