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Ordino Pass – Coll d’Ordino


I don’t have much to tell you about the Ordino Pass (Coll d’Ordino in Catalan). It’s just one of the many passes in Andorra, one that has remained quite unspoiled.

This is one of the good things about Andorra, despite its booming development, nature that has barely been touched by humans is never far.



The pass is on the border of the Ordino Parish and the Canillo Parish, it has an elevation of 1,879 meters (6,165 feet if I’m not wrong), and it is hiking paradise. Andorra’s official site suggests the Neres Walk in the area, and who am I to tell you otherwise?




So if you’re ever in Andorra in the summer and if you like hiking, I think it could be an interesting destination for you.



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