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One World Finale – Perception is not always reality


And this is it, we have a winner for Survivor One World.

Congratulations to Kim Spradlin who played one of the most dominant and best game ever. I mean it.

So without much further ado, let’s see what final words we have to say about the finalists and the jury (and Probst during the Reunion show).


This season was also historical because it had the hottest final four ever. Too bad, there's an ugly person to spoil that picture.


The Final Three


Sabrina Thompson: I always assumed that Sabrina had a good chance of winning the game. The only thing that told me she wouldn’t was the editing. In the end, she ended up being more of a goat that we thought so. She never really was a decision maker during the votes (I thought she was more) and didn’t do much around camp, which is also an overlooked factor that comes into play when the jury casts its votes. I guess the reason we didn’t see her as much as expected after the merge is that there wasn’t much to show after all. Oh well. She was still a cool contestant.

Chelsea Meissner: I’m really surprised that Chelsea didn’t get any vote. Well, one reason was that for once, we didn’t get a bitter jury. Still usually clueless people (*cough* Leif *cough*) tend to vote for people like Chelsea (well, Leif voted for Sabrina, that proves that he was even more clueless than I thought). I guess that her problem was she didn’t connect emotionally with the jury, so in the end, they didn’t feel like rewarding her. Take note future contestants.

Kim Spradlin: What can I say about Kim that hasn’t already been said on other blogs and sites? (that’ll teach me writing this 24 hours after the finale – not my fault my “ability” to watch the finale last night was very shaky) So, I guess I’ll just repeat what has been said every else.

Yes, Kim is possibly one of the best players ever. She played an even better and more dominant game than Boston Rob’s in Redemption Island. While his game that season is always describe as the best ever, let’s not forget that it was his fourth time playing, that he played with drones and controlled them through fear and that he brought two goats in the final three.

Kim did none of that. First, let’s underline again that it was her first time playing. Also she controlled people by being their friends, which is very dangerous, as betrayed friends often become extra bitter jury members. And the most impressive part is that she didn’t bring two goats into the finale with her but she brought her real alliance, people she genuinely believe could beat her. Foolishness you may say? No. As she clearly thought, if the jury was bitter its members wouldn’t vote for her anyway, regardless of who was sitting next to her (Shout out to Natalie White and Russell Hantz here). On the other hand, bringing with you your true alliance from day one will bring you respect from some undecided jury members. For that, kuddos to her. And if you need one more convincing argument (I didn’t mention challenge domination, because I never care much for challenges), what about cold hard numbers and stats?

So once again, congrats to Kim, you’re part of Survivor History and I really hope you get cast again.


The Jury

I have to say that I’m so happy the jury was not bitter and voted based on the fact that Survivor is a game and that the best player deserves to get their vote, not the one that betrayed you the least or something like that. And for that kuddos to them. In recent seasons I was really getting more and more annoyed of bitter jury, they were making this part of the finale (the best in the old days) almost unwatchable. I hope this jury broke the trend.

A few words about the jury members themselves:

Jonas Otsuji: I was underwhelmed by Jonas game play all season (I guess he was too from hearing his comments during the reunion), but his intervention as a juror was one of the best ever, especially his impersonation of previously mentioned jury members. Note to future contestants who make it to the jury and think that the best way to make a good exit is to make a scene at the final tribal council, there are much better ways to make a good exit, see Jonas’s.

Christina Cha: On the other hand, Christina tried to play the card of the bitter jury member, and she got it all wrong once again. All season long I wondered why everyone in the game didn’t care for her. She showed it during this finale. One of the most useless players ever. At least she was hot.

Jay Byars: I guess he was ok.

Mike Jefferson: Lame, just like every else he did this season, and I suspect he’s not that different in real life.

Tarzan: He was being himself. Of course he was. And he misused complicated words knowing that nobody would understand, as usual. But he moved me somehow.

Leif Manson: Yawn…

Alicia Rosa: Annoying as usual, completely delusional as usual, and totally self-centered as usual. Do you think that today, after watching the show she still believes that she was in charge and controlled the game? I’d say that there is a chance.

Troyzan: I was very disappointed in his stint as jury member. I liked him all season long for better or worse, but not admitting and recognizing that Kim was the better player was sad.

Kat Edorsson: On the other hand, Kat, despite all of her stupidity really behaved like a class act. I was really impressed by her. Really.


Jeff Probst and the Reunion Show

I always watch the Reunion Show, mostly to see some people for the last time, but in recent season they’ve annoyed me more and more and the sole responsible for that is Jeff Probst.

I hate it when not everyone gets to speak. Seriously Probst, you’re running an auction for people afflicted by cancer and you’re not even asking Kourtney Moon how she’s doing? Unforgivable. And why? So that you can spend time in the crowd to interview some random people in order to set up for Colton’s return (while you promised a month ago never have him back on the show). Pathetic.

I could go on, but I won’t, I want to finish this season on a positive note.

So here it is, my last gratuitous Chelsea shot:


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