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One World – Episode 9: Go Out with a Bang


I gotta say I liked this episode. Sure, the results of the vote were not as crazy as all the scrambling going on just before (although, Tarzan voted against Jay: WTF?), but everything that led up to tribal council was what makes a great episode. Some great moves, some dumb moves, a lot of strategizing, and we have no idea who will go home when we arrive at tribal council (I thought they were going to pull a big surprise and have us see Kim being blindsided, although it was very unlikely I admit).

However, it’s crazy that at this point of the game, five people received votes. And just like last week, some of these votes didn’t make sense (I mean, I’m sure most of them made sense, but their reason was not shown).

Let’s see…

  • Alicia and Christina voting together again, except this time for the “right” person. What I think is going on at this point with these two women, is that they both vote the way Kim tell them to, because they feel that they are part of the women’s alliance, even though they’re just votes, and will be cut out as soon as they’re not needed anymore. Proof is that Christina had everything to win going with Troy, but she didn’t, which can only mean, that she feels part of an alliance, namely the women’s one. She may even be the one who rated out Troy about his idol (well, Jay more than did that too, and pretty much voted himself out by doing so).
  • I’m not exactly sure why Chelsea and Kat voted for Troy, especially because Kat says that she had to. If the girls knew if was going to play it, why throw votes at him. My theory would be that they did it in case Troy gives his immunity to Jay. However, two votes is just not enough to oust him. Unless the women didn’t plan on Leif voting against Alicia too.
  • And the other mystery is why Leif voted against Alicia and not Kim. But at this point, I think it’s very clear that Leif has no clue about what’s going on at all.
  • Tarzan voting against Jay doesn’t make much sense either, but who knows what was his twisted logic at this moment (I really hate that CBS doesn’t show the voting in details anymore – I mean with words from the voting person explaining their vote.
  • Concerning Troy throwing his vote at Kim, I guess this is his way to say “hey people, this is the ringleader and she’s all playing you right now”. Or did he think that Christina, Leif and Tarzan were gonna vote for her too? I doubt it.


Apart from the vote, let’s see what we have to say about the contestants…





– Alicia Rosa: I kinda have the feeling that Alicia could go far at this point. She’s solid with the other women, even though she doesn’t realize that she’s at the bottom of the pecking order (just above Christina). However, if the final six is only women, some (read Kim, probably Sabrina) may realize that they’ll need goat to go to the final three to, and Alicia, being weak and abrasive, is the perfect female goat – with Christina.

Chelsea Meissner: She should know that feelings and strategy don’t mix much. She obviously had some sort of crush for Jay. Now that he’s out, I guess she’ll have her head where it should be a little more. Yet, we now know  that she’s not exactly a strategist, and if Kim and Sabrina are smart, they should think of getting rid of her before she’s the one who makes that immunity run and end up winning because the rest of the jury is missed at the masterminds.

– Christina Cha: I wouldn’t say that Christina has become invisible, we see glimpses of her at times, but she has become completely mute. Not a single word today. I really wonder what’s the deal with her. At the beginning she seemed interesting (you know back at episode one, when she was the only one willing to work with the men at camp and those sorts of things), but I guess she must be both really annoying (to have pretty much nobody like or respect her in the game) and boring (to have the editors completely forget her). Oh and her game is terrible. She should realize that she’s number six in the women’s alliance and that her best bet is to go against them. Yet, she doesn’t. Too bad for her. She could go far, she’s a good goat too at this point. I doubt she receives a single vote if she makes it to the final three.

– Greg “Tarzan” Smith: Tarzan was relatively quiet this week. He voting for Jay leaves me confused though. Especially with his comment during tribal about alliances and the outcome of the vote.

– Jay Byars‘s voted out: Well Jay, you basically voted yourself out of the game not once but twice today. First by giving up a challenge you could have easily won. Then, by turning on Troy, which kinda triggered the splitting vote idea, which then evolved into simply voting Jay out and flushing Troy’s idol. I still can’t understand how last week, he was so sure there was something fishy about the women, and this week he was not only completely trusting them, but basically betraying Troy. You’d thought him seeing the woman going after Troy would have confirmed his suspicions from last week, but no… Goodbye Jay.

Kat Edorsson: She’s quiet this day. I need to mention this brief shot where she almost fell sitting at tribal council though.

 Kim Spradlin: Her game is still amazing. However, it’s just not as smooth anymore. Now many people (both in and out of her alliance) realize that she’s calling the shots, which will make the last part of the game difficult for her. We’ll see how this goes. In the meantime, kuddos to her to manipulating Jay so well. I still wonder what her final three plan is. I hope she’s really not planning on bringing Sabrina and Chelsea, they are her two biggest competitors right now. I think this endgame will decide whether she’s really a good player or just an above average player surrounded by terrible ones.

– Leif Manson: Poor Leif, he’s so useless and clueless.

Sabrina Thompson: She’s gotta be careful and make no mistake. She’s in a great position right now, in the top three, but not perceived as calling the shots. If she can stay this way until the final three, she has a good chance at winning. Will she?

 – Troy “Troyzan” Robertson: Glad Troyzan woke up from last week. But maybe it’s too little to late, seeing how many votes against Kim he gathered. Also, I’m not sure that it was a good move to play the idol. I understand him being scared to go home, because he actually almost did, but once Alicia pretty much outed him out with the idol, he should have used it to bluff everyone and actually not playing it. Well, it’s easy to say from where I am. In his shoes, I’m pretty sure I’d had use it too. What can he do at this point? Not much. Win immunities, find another immunity idol. But who knows, maybe he can rally a few people around him. He just have to make them realize that Kim is playing them. Can he?



Next Time on Survivor:

I feel that Troyzan will survive at least one more week.

Who’s next to go?

I feel like Leif is gone. Or can Troyzan muster something to vote Kim out? Difficult, but not impossible.


Who’s gonna win?

Kim is still sitting good. Sabrina is still not too far behind. Troyzan could be the huge underdog winner. If he gets to the end, he’ll win. It would be amazing if he succeeded going to the end. I’d like to see that, but it seems very unlikely though.


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