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One World – Episode 4: Bum-Puzzled


Usually, before starting this blog post, I read a thing or two about other people’s reactions about the episode. Not tonight (yes, it’s nighttime on my side of the planet). I’ve just finished watching the episode and I’m blogging right away about it.

Why is that? Because that episode left a strange taste in my mouth, and I kinda feel the need to talk about it fresh from external influences.

Survivor has seen its share of awkward or uncomfortable moments, but this episode will definitely stay in history for me.

And no, I’m not talking of what could have been the stupidest move in Survivor history, because deciding to go to tribal council when you don’t have to, and as a result you vote the person you would have voted out anyway is stupid. There is no other way to describe this.

What really left an impression on me during this episode was Colton. I’ve seen racist people in my life, I’ve seen condescending people in my life, I’ve seen clueless people, but what Colton showed tonight, was despicable in so many way. It is one thing to have grown up with a golden spoon in your mouth, it is another thing to behave like he did and spoke to Bill (and about Leif) the way he did.

The worst part is that he is himself from an oppressed minority and he doesn’t have the sense nor the sensitivity to recognize oppression when he sees it. That’s just wrong in so many ways. And I think that what is even worse is that nobody in his tribe told him to shut up. I understand the whole not wanting to make any wave to not become a target, that is always the sensible thing to do, but there are a few times in Survivor when I think strategy should be left aside for a second, because there is something larger and more important going on.

Letting Colton say those horrible things to Bill and not have anyone telling him that is wrong and shutting him up or even bitch-slapping him is wrong in itself, and I include Jeff Probst in the mix. The only one who tried something was Tarzan, but I’m still not sure what he meant, it almost sounds like he was defending Colton.

I don’t know what the rest of the season is going to be like, but I hope things won’t get as nasty.



Alicia and Chelsea about to win the… er…. never mind…


Alicia Rosa: Another thing that annoys me about the guys deciding to go to tribal council was that Alicia was this close to get voted out. This woman sucks in so many ways. She’s an embarrassment with a big mouth. I’m trying to find something to redeem her, I really am.

Chelsea Meissner: Not much about Chelsea today, expect the fact that she seems to be the one who refuses any tentative of burying the hatchet and working together from the guys (or am I wrong). What Jonas offered was a great opportunity. A great opportunity to have fish “for free” and also a great opportunity to get closer to some guys, because don’t forget that sooner (tribe swap?) or later (merge) you’ll have to work with some of them. Well, I’m not sure I understand Chelsea’s and the women’s reasoning here. And despite the fact that today is International Women’s Day today, I’m starting to think that the very sexist remark from Troyzan is true, they’re just not thinking.

Christina Cha: Not much from her, which most likely and sadly means she’s still on the chopping block.

Kat Edorsson: Even Kat made more sense than Alicia today. This is bad (for Alicia)

Kim Spradlin: Not much from Kim, but there was no reason to have a lot of Kim today, although I wish we did.

Monica Culpepper: Monica seems to be the cheerleader of the tribe right now. Good, they need one. Apart from that, not much to say about her.

Sabrina Thompson: I really like Sabrina, she makes sense pretty much anytime she opens her mouth on pretty much any topic. And she’s also ready to vote Alicia out, which is the reasonable thing to do in their tribe right now. I was afraid she wouldn’t be on board with the idea – and it definitely won’t happen if she’s not – she’s starting to push for it to Chelsea and Kim, and at this point, I’m not too sure why the two are reluctant to do so.




Let’s talk a minute about the guys decision to go to tribal council tonight… Well, that was very stupid… I don’t think I have anything else to talk about on the issue really.


Bill Posley voted out: I dont feel bad that Bill was voted out (ok, maybe a little, as I liked him more and more), I feel bad that he was voted out this way, after that discussion. I know that would have never happened, but after that conversation with Colton I really wish that everyone had voted against Colton and blindsided him. Sorry Bill, you really seem to be a decent guy. You didn’t stand a chance to go anywhere in this game the moment you allied yourself with Matt and Michael, but I really wish you the best in life.

Colton Cumbie: Last week I said I loved to hate him. Not anymore. I just hate him. I try to avoid politics on this blog, but I always strongly disliked the Southern White Republican type, who’s really rich, who’s probably never worked a day in his life, and who’s also racist, disrespectful of other people, especially when they’re different. When that type is also part of an oppressed minority, a thing that should give them a least some empathy, expect that not, there is something wrong with this person (the two options that come to mind are “evil” or “psychopath”). But I feel that I’m becoming a bit too emotional with the contestants this season.
Ok, let’s talk about Colton’s game play now. He sucks. He thinks he’s the mastermind, but he sucks. Yes, he’s calling the shots now, but only because Troyzan and Jonas let him to. They’re using him as a shield of some sorts. He has zero chance to win this game, but like a few past fans playing the game (John Cochran anyone?) is so excited to play the game and to make moves, that he fails to see the bigger picture.

Greg “Tarzan” Smith: Ok, I have been waiting for Tarzan’s crazy moves since the beginning of the season, and I think we got a few tonight, haven’t we? Didn’t the whole idea of going to tribal that night to vote Leif out his at first? I think so. And what about his rant at tribal. I must have misunderstood a thing or two, because I’m still not sure what he meant with it. In terms of strategy, does he have one? I’m not sure really. I think he’s solid with Troyzan and Jonas, but apart from that I have no clue where he stands.

Jay Byars: Jay has been playing a smart game since the moment he walked in the conversation about voting Matt out last week. Just by being there and keeping his mouth shut, he sorta became the 6th member of the alliance, and this week’s with Leif big gaffe, he’s pretty much the 5th man in the “misfit alliance.” Still, 5th won’t bring you anywhere, he’ll have to make some more move to get higher on the ladder. He has time though, so maybe he will.

Jonas Otsuji: From a game perspective, Jonas is playing an amazing game. Not making waves, staying behind the “troublesome people” and avoid any trouble to be directed towards him. He’s also trying to build bridges with the women. Unsuccessfully right now, but I’m sure people like Sabrina will remember this and be willing to work with him in due time.  Yet, from a human/personality point of view, I sort of wish he had a bigger backbone and had opened his mouth either to prevent the tribe to go to tribal council or to defend Bill or something.

Leif Manson: The first time we hear Leif speak, we hear him commit a huge blunder. That being said, it’s not that uncommon in Survivor to tell the person on the chopping block that they are on the chopping block. So why did people overreact to the point of going to that tribal council? Not sure. Several people called him wishy-washy, and I guess it comes from the fact that he had befriended Bill who was not in the alliance. That’s one of the complicated things about Survivor I guess. Depending on the personality of people in your tribe, sometimes you can make friends with people not in your alliance. Sometimes you just can’t some other contestant will confuse friendship and side-alliance. In this case, Bill knowing or not knowing he was next to go didn’t really change a thing, he just couldn’t find the numbers to hit back anyway, so I think people overreacted quite a bit with Leif. While they realized it before voting him out, I still think that his days are numbered on the island.

Michael Jefferson: We didn’t see much about Michael two weeks in a row. Surprising from someone who seems to have a big mouth, but with all the drama around him, I’m sure his smart enough to when to shut it up, and now is the perfect moment as this allows him to stay in the game longer. However, the only thing that can save him now if a reshuffling of the tribes. Still, let’s underline one thing. He’s the one who threw Leif under the bus. A thing which seemed trivial at first (as if he just happened to have heard Leif and Bill’s conversation) but I doubt he would have told Colton or anybody else if this wouldn’t throw a wrench in the alliance.

Troy “Troyzan” Robertson: See my paragraph about Jonas. I think pretty much the same about Troy. Although, he made several comments who make me think he’s somewhat a chauvinist, which may become a problem when he’ll have to work with the women. In the meantime he’s sitting in a very good seat in his tribe.


Next Time on Survivor:

Will the men continue to fall apart? Oh and we have a twist coming. I assume it’s a reshuffling of the tribes. Yet, what surprised me in the preview is that the people I would expect to be happy with such a twist seemed upset. Oh well, I should know better than not to trust the editing in the preview.

Who’s next to go?

If Manono goes to tribal, Michael is in trouble (I know I wrote it last week too), although Leif could be targeted too.

If Salani goes, I hope it’s Alicia, but it still looks like it’s Christina.

If there is a reshuffling, all bets are off.

Who’s gonna win?

I’m sticking with my four from last week so far: Kim, Jonas, Troyzan or Sabrina (with an advantage for Jonas or Kim)


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