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One World – Episode 3: One World Is Out the Window


Another week, another good episode. Crazy how this things happen when you have a good cast, no returning player and no redemption island.

So, let’s see why this episode why good?



Kim Spradlin


Alicia Rosa: I don’t want to talk trash about her every week, but I wish she didn’t give me material to dislike her every week. What was that? Asking the men for an ember, coming back to get dry, and then rebuff them in a bitchy way they want to negociate something in return. They didn’t have to help the women, they did it because they’re not assholes (or at least not all of them), showing some gratitude wouldn’t have killed her. Actually it could have won her some sympathy from the men that she could have used when time comes (whether it is a tribe swap or the merge). I assume that she’s in control of her tribe, so she kinda assumes that she’s in control of the game. The thing that she may not realize is that her alliance may blow up faster than she thinks, she not in control of anything (Kim and Chelsea are) and she’ll be one of the first to go comes a tribe reshuffling.

Chelsea Meissner: Opposite to Alicia is Chelsea. She needed the men too, she was not happy when they asked for the ability to use the boat, but she didn’t antagonize them. So far, she’s playing a very good social game, being at the center of her tribe, somewhat of a provider and not being too antagonistic with the men (despite the chicken incident early on).

Christina Cha: We haven’t really seen Christina this week.

Kat Edorsson: She was not as painful to watch as she has been the first two episodes, the whole thing with Troyzan at the reward challenge was even funny. That being said, I still think she’s on the chopping block if the women have to return to tribal council very soon.

Kim Spradlin: Not much about Kim this week in terms of interviews, but if you pay attention, she was often on screen, rarely speaking, but always in the conversations. I used to call that the Tina Wesson edit, and recently I rebaptized it the Sophie Clarke edit. Just saying.

Monica Culpepper: Not much about her either. She doesn’t seem useless (except when she’s blindfolded in an immunity challenge), but she doesn’t seem central to the tribe nor the storyline. She may be on her way out sooner than we think.

Sabrina Thompson: Sabrina took the very difficult position of being the “caller” in a blindfold challenge. It’s an even more dangerous position because she’s the official leader of the tribe. In other words, she would have been the perfect target for the blame game had they lost and had the tribe fell apart a little more. And she aced it. Not only she did a relatively good job at directing people (Monica seems to be the one to blame for her problems during the challenge) but she aced the puzzle and won the thing for her tribe. She’s in the majority alliance right now, she can take a lot of credit for that win, and she seems to be getting along with everybody on her tribe. She’s sitting in a nice position right now.



Matt Quinlan


Bill Posley: I don’t think Bill was ever in any danger to be voted out tonight. Sure Colton hates him, but I feel that the other guys like him enough to keep him around a little bit longer. What was his crazy rant at tribal council? Was he just trying to be funny and miserably failed under the stress of being at tribal council? Or was he acting stupid on purpose in order to appear unthreatening? Not sure.

Colton Cumbie: It has been a while since there has been a player I love to hate or hate to love (I’m not sure which is which). Sure he’s apparentely racist (although he seems to have a good relationship with Sabrina. Sure he’s a hypocrite (i.e. the whole tirade about being Republican and not believing in hand-outs… Mmm… Colton? Wasn’t an idol handed out to you because you begged for it? And didn’t you mention in the previous episode how you’ve been basically been spoonfed your entire life? Talking about the idol, good move at tribal saying you’re playing it and not playing it. However, it is a little bit short-sighted. Colton doesn’t sit very high in his alliance pecking order, and people will try ot flush out this idol sooner than later. He said that he’s not James, but that could be a foreshadowing thing.

Greg “Tarzan” Smith: I was expecting a new Coach or a new Phillip, but tonight, he seemed to be saying pretty sensible things. He doesn’t seem to be able to keep a secret though, and his allies should be mindful of that. Also, what was up with asking Jeff to reveal the other votes. Hasn’t he watched the show before? From the preview I suspect that he’s troubled by who voted for Bill and he’ll get paranoid about that to the point of destroying his alliance. Well, it is obvious who voted for Bill. It’s Michael wrongly thinking Bill was going home tonight and trying to be strategic and not waste his vote on somebody who could only resent him from it.

Jay Byars: So Jay is much smarter than I originally gave him credit for. When he felt that his alliance was alienating itself and was on the wrong side of the numbers, he did the best possible thing to jump on board the dominant alliance. I don’t even think he’s at the bottom of that now alliance of six (Colton may be lower, and Greg “Tarzan” may be in trouble soon too).

Jonas Otsuji: Everybody seems to like him. Even Matt, trying to bring Troyzan on his side seemed to want Jonas too. As long as he doesn’t make any waves and stays where he is, he has a very easy path until very far in the game.

Leif Manson: Where is he? What does he think? What does he do? Did he even get a confessional interview?

Matt Quinlan voted out: I know, I always try to not make Survivor personal, and to not have actual feelings for these people that I know only through an edit, but gosh, this guy is an asshole and I’m happy he was voted out. I’ve met self-centered,¬†presumptuous¬†guys who take themselves way too seriously and belittle other people, but like him? I haven’t (I guess that’s because in real life, I stop listening and take them seriously after two minutes hearing them speak). I wish I had seen his reaction to the blindside more, although I assume he’s the kind of guy to keep it all inside.

Michael Jefferson: Not much about Mike this week, which can mean he’s the next to go. Especially because he obviously assumed that Bill was going home and him and Matt were the only ones who thought so.

Troy “Troyzan” Robertson: Troyzan earned a lot of points this week. He’s in to play the game, and he’s getting a possible winner edit. I loved how he played Matt.


Next Time on Survivor:

So apparently everything goes wrong at the men’s tribe, and I’m not exactly sure as to why. Greg feels betrayed, Colton wants somebody’s head on a platter. Interesting…

Who’s next to go?

If Manono goes to tribal, Michael is the obvious choice to go home, but Colton could be in it for a bad surprise. He’d better play that idol, just in case.

If Salani goes, depending on what Kim and Chelsea decide, Christina or Kat is in trouble.

Who’s gonna win?

Usually I don’t dare such a foolish pick this early in the season, but to hell with it. This season, I’m telling you the winner is one of those: Kim, Jonas, Troyzan or Sabrina (with an advantage for Jonas or Kim)


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