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One World – Episode 2: Total Dysfunction


Ok, so far, I gotta admit, I’m not a fan of many players, but I like the season overall, which I think is good (last season for example, I liked most players, but I found the season to be a little disappointing, I expected more big moves). However, it’s way too early to tell if this is going to be a good season or not, but it has the potential to be a great season.

Let’s move on and who did what this week.





Alicia Rosa: This woman is really despicable. Christina came to her to bury the hatchet and make the tribe a little less dysfunctional, and all she could do was talk trash about her. I usually make a clear distinction between the real life people and the edited characters we see on TV, but while edited characters, what they say, and how they say it is not made up. And knowing this woman is a teacher really makes me worried for the kids… Also, I don’t like to make fun of people’s physical appearance, but please Alicia, stop fooling yourself in thinking you’re that hottie. You’re not. You’re ugly. You’re the ugliest person on this island by far (and I’m sure that if you were not that ugly on the inside, you wouldn’t be on the outside either).

Chelsea Meissner: I called her the female Ozzy twice, but I may be very wrong. She seems to have a brain and a sense of strategy. There even is a good chance that she’s running the show at Salani along with Kim. That discussion they had was very telling in my opinion. This is a “strategist” edit right there. Also, she had the sense to realize that Nina was more valuable to the tribe than airhead Kat, as well as the sense to realize that turning on her alliance this early in the game could only hurt her. I still think that Kim and her could have aligned with Christina, Monica and Nina and would have made a great five, but I understand why they didn’t.

Christina Cha: Not much about Christina today. She made the right move by trying to calm things down with Alicia, too bad it couldn’t work because Alicia is such an ugly bitch. Unfortunately, Christina days on the island are numbered now. I think the only thing that can save her is either an immunity run from Salani (won’t happen) or a tribe switch (I have the feeling that it will happen). I’m keeping my fingers crossed Christina, because I like you so far.

Kat Edorsson: Is she dumbest person to ever play Survivor? Possibly. I don’t even find her entertaining. I find it painful to watch actually. How can some people be so dumb?

Kim Spradlin: Kim on the other hand seems as smart as I suspected she was gonna be. She seems to be the most level-headed person in her tribe, and as she’s on the right side of the numbers she could go far, very far. I won’t lie, she’s my favorite to win on the women’t side so far.

Monica Culpepper: I really like Monica, she brings much more than I had suspected. She could be a great leader in this tribe, but unfortunately, she ended up on the wrong side of the numbers. I hate when that happen, the fact that some people are basically screwed for no special reason. Also, I don’t really understand why she through her vote towards Christina. I assume as an attempt to show the alliance of five that she’s not with the other women in the majority?

Nina Acosta voted out: I feel bad for her for the same reason I feel bad for Monica. There was no real reason to vote her out except for the fact that she was the oldest in her tribe as well as a random alliance of five was made in the first minutes of the game, and now people don’t dare to break it. I guess that too is Survivor.

Sabrina Thompson: Sabrina is a very interesting character too. Smart, fun, level-headed. She seems to be a good leader too. I just don’t understand why she seems close to Alicia and Kat. This is beyond my comprehension.




Bill Posley: Meh. Not much to say about Bill really.

Colton Cumbie: Colton, Colton, Colton… If you’re such a Survivor fan, why are you making such a big mistake to alienate yourself from your tribe the way to do it (and also alienating yourself from the other tribe)? Sharing your idol with Troyzan, Leif and Jonas was a good idea at this point, but that won’t save you forever. You need to start bonding with those guys. You say that you have nothing in common with them. So what? Do you think those three have much in common? Yet, they’re together right now for a bunch of various reasons, the main one being that it’s Survivor, you gotta find friends or else… Now, that being said, the need to use the idol to blindside the muscle alliance makes me wonder where the next contestant stands.

Greg “Tarzan” Smith: Not much about Greg/Tarzan this week (so what about the antics? are they coming or not? well, now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind if they didn’t), but just like previously mentioned, he was not with Troyzan, Leif and Jonas when Colton showed his idol. So does it mean Greg is allied with the muscle men? If he had been with the other guys, there wouldn’t be any need for an idol. Odd…

Jay Byars: Was he here this week? Well, I didn’t miss him.

Jonas Otsuji: I like him, and I like his edit so far. He seems very observant and composed. Not too outspoken, but not invisible either. He seems to be right in the middle, which is the best place to be at this point in the game. He’s my favorite among the guys to win.

Leif Manson: He’s pretty invisible right now. We know he may have an alliance with Jonas and Troyzan, but that’s pretty much it.

Matt Quinlan: Not much of him, that’s a good thing.

Michael Jefferson: I don’t hate Michael as much as I should. While he’s an unlikable guy, I also think that he can make a good villain on this show, the type one loves to hate, which is the type of people great villains are. I need to see him at tribal council to have a better idea of his villain potential (as well as his longevity in this game).

Troy “Troyzan” Robertson: He seems like a much normal person than I first expected, and I’m happy about that. He seems to understand what’s going on, which is good. I hope him, Leif, Jonas and possibly Colton go far. They can.


Next Time on Survivor:

In the preview, the women are shown to be close to break down due to the weather. Well, first I think that maybe, just maybe they should have built a better shelter. That being said, I also think that it’s the perfect moment for the men to extend an olive branch to them. One difference this season, is that these people get to known each other pretty well before the merge, and some will definitely need people from the other tribe to push themselves further, and I’m not sure they see it.

Who’s next to go?

If Manono goes to tribal, I still see Matt or Michael being blindsided with the idol (although it seems to obvious)

If Salani goes, I’m afraid Christina is toast.



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