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One World – Episode 13: It’s Human Nature



Strange episode, that hinted something big would happen (Chelsea getting blindsided, Tarzan winning it all) but in the end, it was very predictable indeed. I still enjoyed it.

I gotta warn you in advance: sorry it’s going to be a short and quite uninspired analysis, I’ve been very busy these past few days with not much sleep and it’s kinda taking it’s toll right now. I’ll try to make up for it on Monday for my final analysis.





– Alicia Rosa: Like last week, she’s bringing some entertainment with her delusions about controlling the game, but apart from that her obnoxious general attitude has really gotten me tired of her (what am I talking about? I’ve been tired of her since the first episode, and there she is in the final five). However, despite the fact that she tries to be strategical, she must be really stupid still not realizing that Kim is playing her. Actually at this point,  seeing how nobody seems to be able to keep a secret conversation secret, I’m surprised, nobody has realized that Kim really is the mastermind. That tells us how unintelligent those people are. I know, casting casts stupid people because they’re good TV, but intelligent people are good TV too, actually when you think about it, the best seasons were the best because of intelligent people, not dumb ones.

Chelsea Meissner: I’m not sure how close she was to be voted out tonight. At this point of the game, I’m not too sure what to say about Chelsea. She doesn’t have a great strategical game, but her social game is not too bad, and she has good chances to win actually. However, I don’t know, I don’t really have more to say about her.

– Christina Cha: Ok, tonight we finally got an explanation as to why everyone dislikes her; she hasn’t done anything around camp since the very beginning. Apart from that nothing new. She has a terrible game play, she’s not smart and her personality is very bland. She’s still the best goat to take to the end, although the jury seems so angry and bitter (I hate bitter jury. People, if you got voted out, admit that some people played better than you and don’t be a sore loser, please) that it could vote for her just because they’re angry at the two other finalists.



– Greg “Tarzan” Smith voted out: Tarzan fooled us all. Well, it at least fooled me and the other remaining players. I suspected more and more that he was just acting crazy to be brought out to the end where he could reveal his strategy. Nope, he was just a quite odd old dude. The problem is that the women also thought he may be playing them, and they got rid of him. Too bad for him, at this stage of the game, he had a few chances to win.

 Kim Spradlin: So now Kim is sure to reach the final four (thank you hidden immunity idol) and from there she’s just one tribal council away from the final three. The question is the same as last week: who does she need to take with her to win? Because, let’s be honest, she will win this season. There’s no doubt about it. At this point of the game, no other contestant has been edited as a potential winner. All season long it was been about her controlling the game, just like Boston Rob on Redemption Island (in terms of editing) and Brian Heidik in Thailand (in terms of game play). Chelsea may have had some sort of winner edit too, but barely. For the past couple of weeks, it seemed obvious that Kim had to bring two goats with her if she wanted to win. I’m starting to think differently, and apparently so does she. Indeed, the jury is bitter, and the jury realizes more and more that Kim, along with Chelsea and Sabrina have been pulling the strings that sent them to Ponderosa. A bitter jury can give a million dollar to a goat, we’ve seen it before, twice (Fabio in Nicaragua and Natalie White in Samoa). So I’m starting to think (and apparently so does she) that her best strategy  now would actually to bring Sabrina and Chelsea to the end. This way, she won’t lose their vote (as she won’t have to betray them) and the jury won’t have anyone to throw away their vote too, so they might as well reward the one perceived as the leader of those three, and that is Kim. If Kim does that, I believe that she deserves a spot among the best Survivor contestants. Well see on Sunday.

Sabrina Thompson: Last week, I thought that she was toast, now, as stated two lines earlier, I think she may just go to the final three. Can she win? In theory, I’d say that she has every chance to win. The only problem is that she’s hasn’t had a winner’s edit. This is the only thing that tells me she won’t win, but that’s a big thing.


Next Time on Survivor:

Well, this finale should be Kim’s crowning. We’ll see.


Who’s next to go?

At this point, I’d say Alicia.


Who’s gonna win?

Kim, duh!


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