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One World – Episode 12: It’s gonna be chaos


Ok, I’m back after last week’s hiatus (did watch the show, just didn’t have time to write about it). Today, despite, an eventful day (I went there and there in case you care) I can manage to do both. Yeah!

Before we move on to this week’s episode, a few words about last week’s: Yes, I have to admit that I was hoping that Troyzan would pull out a miracle, but deep inside I knew he wouldn’t. For some reason he doesn’t seem too popular on the web, but I have to admit that I really like him. Sure, he made some mistakes (voting out Jonas was his biggest one to my eyes, not voting out Michael), he was stupid to alienate everyone left in the game, however, you gotta to admire his will to continue and try to go further no matter what and despite the fact that all odds were stacked against him. So many players in his situation have given up. He didn’t. Kuddos to him (and I really hope he makes it to a future all-stars season).

Ok, let’s talk about this week now.






– Alicia Rosa: You gotta love Alicia’s first interview in this episode. Yes, the one where she says she controls the game. That’s my mean side, but one thing I love in Survivor is when unlikable players like her are also delusional about where they stand in the game. That being said, she has a good chance to make it to the final three, she’s now the perfect goat.

Chelsea Meissner: Chelsea is playing too much with her heart and not enough with her brain. That makes her easily controllable by Kim, but that lowers her chances to win this game, I feel. However, we never know in what state of mind the jury will be in the end.

– Christina Cha: I’ve been trying to find some excuses to Christina. Everyone seems to hate her, but she can’t suck that much, can she? She seems to me like a nice and likable person, but now I’m quite convinced that she’s dumb. I’m referring to last week, when she was made aware about the fact that two votes were going to go her direction in case Troyzan has an immunity idol, and she was ok with it. Did it even register to her that it meant that she’d go home if Troyzan indeed had an idol? If it didn’t, she’s that stupid. If it did and she didn’t do anything about it, she’s that stupid too, or she doesn’t care whether she gets eliminated or not. I’m starting to think the latter, seeing some reactions today. Now, I’m always torn with people like that. Yes, it’s unfair and infuriating to see people who care go before people who don’t. However, if I’m in a leading position (like Kim is now), I want to take someone who doesn’t care to the end, cause it’s pretty obvious that they won’t get any vote.

– Greg “Tarzan” Smith: Not much trolling from Tarzan this week, and actually he seems more and more appreciated by the girls. I still believe that he’s not as clueless as he seems – he knows that Kim is the ringleader, and he’s obviously been following her lead to for a while (and this is the reason why he’s the last man standing). From where he is now, I’m still not sure what to make of him. Next week, he’s apparently playing the “I’m troll so bring me the final three” card. It could work, but in his mind, I’m sure he thinks he can win. Delusion or something else??

Kat Edorsson voted out: Ok, she was funny for a couple of episodes, but lately she’s been as annoying as she was in the very beginning of the season (something tells me this have to do with editing more than a change in her behavior). What really got me annoyed this week is her constant “I’m 22” excuse. This is indeed the lamest excuse I have heard. Yes, she’s 22, and you’re a responsible adult when you’re 22, or at least you should be. I gotta say I’m glad and relieved to see her go. I was more and more afraid of her pulling a Fabio, and that would have sucked. At least Fabio was endearing, she was not, she was just obnoxious. I gotta to admit the whole “I love blindsides” (meaning: it’s fun to mock the person who gets blindsided) priceless.

 Kim Spradlin: Ok, at this point, I don’t see how Kim can not go to the final three. She has managed to put herself in that position where every remaining contestant imagine themselves going to the final three with Kim and someone else. Which means that at this point of the game she will go to final three. However, her winning is not a done deal yet. She’s really gotta pick who she goes with very carefully. Betray people (especially Chelsea and Sabrina) and you’ll lose their vote (it may just have happened with Kat), stay truthful to them, and they may win over you in the final three. What she’s gotta do now is trying to pit Sabrina and Chelsea against each other and/or Tarzan, Alicia and Christina against them or something along those lines. In other terms, she’s gotta play her cards very well, and that could decide the ongoing online debate about whether she’s truly an amazing player or just a decent player among morons.

Sabrina Thompson: She’s on the chopping block and she doesn’t know it right now. It won’t be too hard to get rid of her (and she can really sway the jury if she goes to the end), but whoever decides that (most likely Kim)  will lose her vote.


Next Time on Survivor:

Tarzan plays the “I’m crazy so bring me to the final three” card. I’m not sure where this is going to lead us, but it could lead us to more backstabbing among the women, so I like it.

Who’s next to go?

Seems like it’s Sabrina’s turn to go.


Who’s gonna win?

The question is not who’s gonna win anymore, but what does Kim need to do to ensure a victory? She’s in a tricky situation now where I think most men will likely vote for her, but the women will be upset to have been voted out and may vote against her in the final vote. Luckily for her there are five men in the jury, and possibly 6 before the end. So maybe it won’t be that hard to win whoever is sitting next to her.

Before you go anywhere else:

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