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One World – Episode 10: I’m no Dummy


Rarely I’ve found an episode so predictable and yet so interesting. I guess I should say kuddos to the editors for that. Although, they’re also guilty of making it quite predictable, as since the first seconds in, it was obvious that Troyzan wouldn’t be voted out this week, despite the fact that he should have. Apart from that, yeah I wish that he had succeeded in pulling an upset, but we knew he wouldn’t, and we knew Leif was voted out this week.





– Alicia Rosa: Does Alicia really think that she’s not number five in the women’s alliance? Or does she think she also would have been number five had she been part of a new alliance, the one that Troyzan tried and failed to pull together? Not sure. And actually, if she really number five? Seeing how she’s abrasive with many people, maybe she has her chance for the final three. More on that later.

Chelsea Meissner: She’s sitting a bit too confident right now. Her spot as number two this season seems prepared for her, and she’s just cruising. But that’s dangerous, very dangerous. She hasn’t made any enemy, Kim sees that, especially now that she will start to make some, Kim wouldn’t be wise to keep Chelsea in the finals with her.

Gratuitous Chelsea shot.

– Christina Cha: Every week, I hope she’ll do something, and every week she doesn’t. She even failed at outbidding Troy. How hard was it to just bid $500? (same goes for Troy by the way). Also, does she really think that she’s part of the women’s alliance? At this point, I think that she thinks so. I see no other explanation. I guess she’s one of those many players who are just happy to have made the jury, and who won’t do any move no matter what, even when they realize that they have no chance to win in the situation they’re in. I guess some people just don’t have it in them, some people are just followers, even if that means they’re being led to the slaughterhouse (or at least and less dramatically to having their torch smuffed). Christina is one of those people. I don’t see any other explanation. However, from her game play or lack thereof, she’s also a good person to bring with the finals with you. Not only she hasn’t played the game, but she hasn’t made any friends, and we can safely be sure that she won’t be brilliant in her final speeches if she reaches the end.

– Greg “Tarzan” Smith: Ok, last week, I was very unsure as to why Tarzan had voted with the women. Thing is, that he thinks that he’s part of their alliance. Did somebody promised him some side deal (real or fake one, it doesn’t matter)? Or did he just think that voting along with the women will spare him? I’m not too sure. In any case, he’s screwing himself over and over at every tribal council by doing that. However, I remember two seasons ago, I had hoped almost all season long that Phillip Sheppard was just acting, and that at the final tribal council, he would explain, in the most sane, mild-mannered and brilliant manner, his strategy of fooling everyone by acting crazy with the purpose of being brought to the end as the goat. Unfortunately he didn’t. Right now, I kinda hope that somewhere, deep inside, this is what Tarzan is currently doing, but I’m afraid I’m fooling myself once again.

Kat Edorsson: Apparently she’s content with her spot at number four. Good for her. Or maybe, she hasn’t realized yet that being number four is useless? Not sure.

 Kim Spradlin: She’s still playing a great game. She’s approaching the very dangerous zone, though. The one where she’ll have to betray at least some people who put their confidence in her. She’s facing a tough choice. Stay loyal to her main allies (Sabrina and Chelsea) and take the risk to lose against them in the end? Or take the risk to betray them and lose their vote for final tribal. Tough. However, she’s still playing an amazing game. During the whole episode, I kinda wondered why Troyzan was not more mad at her. It’s kinda explained in a secret scene. She went to him after the tribal council where Jay got voted out, and explained him what happened, without even lying. Owning your move if what you should do in that situation, especially with players like Troyzan. After that, Troyzan considers her as her main enemy from a game point of view (hence his attempt to vote her out), but he doesn’t get angry at her, he respects her game. Another brilliant move by Kim. Now, she’ll have to make a few more, she’s not at the end just yet.

– Leif Manson voted out: Not even a confessional on the episode where he’s voted out. Nice guy Leif, definitely not fit for this game though.

Sabrina Thompson: Why Sabrina? Why getting so abrasive suddenly? Sabrina played a pretty perfect social game so far. No enemy, voice of reason, everyone seemed to listen to her. But this week, she was needlessly antagonistic with Troy. Sure he rubbed a bunch of people the wrong way, but in this situation, the best thing to do is to shut up and let him make a fool of himself, not to be a fool too. She lost a lot of points there. It’s been a few weeks now, that I think she’s in a great position to win the game, an even better one than Kim is in. Except that from her edit, it’s pretty clear that she won’t win, and I kept on wondering why. I guess we got part of the answer in this episode.

So is this his island or not?

 – Troy “Troyzan” Robertson: I’m torn about Troy this episode. No, I’m not happy about the fact that he was really unpleasant at times. I understand where he’s coming from, and I’m not sure I’d be more pleasant if I had eight people against me and if I was alone, but he really lost a few jury votes right there, if he ever makes it to the end. However, I can’t help rooting for him. Not sure, why. While he has a great understanding of the game, he’s in the current situation because of his own foolishness of accepting to vote Jonas out, followed by voting Michael out. Hadn’t he done that, the game would be pretty much won for him. Maybe that’s why he’s so abrasive. He’s mad at himself, so he takes it out on the other contestants. I guess I can’t help but rooting for him because of the underdog thing, and the fact that he’s a true fan, and not one like Cochran last season. He’s a true fan with some real game play, and as such, I’d love to see him win. However, now it’s very unlikely to happen. He’ll have to win every single immunity and/or succeed where he failed this week, that is breaking apart the women’s alliance. Next week’s preview seems to imply that he may be onto something, but I never trust the previews.




Next Time on Survivor:

Will the women start turning on each other? I hope so, this way the season will stay interesting until the end. I’m afraid not, though.

Who’s next to go?

I’m afraid it’s going to be Troyzan.


Who’s gonna win?

Kim or Troyzan. It has to be one of them now.

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 Next, week, I may or may not be able to blog. You don’t care, but my parents are landing into town after crossing half of the planet to visit me and my newborn little girl, so I doubt I’ll have much time to blog (but then again, they may also be so tired from the flight that they’ll just go straight to bed, who knows?)



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