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One World – Episode 1: Two Tribes, One Camp, No Rules


Yeah! It’s this time of the year again! Survivor returns with a season I have high hopes for. For the first time in a long while, there’s an interesting twist! (and no Redemption Island and no returning player).

Sure, this premiere was a bit of a let down due to Kourtney’s injury which robbed us from some drama, but to be honest, there was still enough, wasn’t there?

Ok, let’s jump in right away and see what we can make of these contestants.


Goodby Kourtney, I'm kinda sad to already see you go.


As I mentioned before, I’m not a huge fan of the men vs women stuff, it always lead to a lot of sexism or reverse sexism or whatnot, and we got plenty of it during this episode (no Kim, men don’t have to be chivalrous in Survivor, no Greg and Troy, lame sexual innuendos are not ok), but once again, with the One World twist, I understand that it’s easier to remember who’s on which tribe).




Alicia Rosa: What’s going on with this woman? Pregame I compared her to Stephanie Valencia, but Stephanie had some decency in her. Does Alicia have anything to redeem herself? She’s vulgar, annoying, abrasive for no reason and more. And why was she so mad at Christina? Because Christina got them fire? Idiot. And she’s woman is a special ed teacher? I’d be worried if I was one of her students’ parent. Oh and seriously, if I was Christina, I’d push her to the point she punches me in the face (that is if she’s not just talk), that’s one strategy to have contestants out of the game that is not exploited enough I think. In my memory on Jonny Fairplay tried to get punched by Rupert with that goal in mind if I remember clearly. I really hope she gets voted out soon. It’s one thing to have freaks in the show for entertainment, it’s another thing to have painful to watch people. Unfortunately she seems to be in the dominant alliance in her tribe (did an alliance ever formed faster?), fortunately I assume people like Kim and Sabrina have enough sense to ditch her soon.
Oh and as I type these lines she also just insulted all Asian women on Twitter (because it’s obvious that if she has issues with one Asian woman, all of them deserve to be insulted), so she’s a racist too…
(edit: apparently she deleted the tweet in question… I’m not even comment on that, it just shows what kind of woman we have to deal with here)
A very fine lady that is can she please punch somebody quickly to become the first person excluded from the game?!

Chelsea Meissner: She’s hot, she’s physically impressive (I mean, with catching these chickens). That’s pretty much all I can say about her right now (in other words I stay with my first impression that she’s a female Ozzy).

Christina Cha: I was not too sure about Christina pregame, now I like her. I kinda made fun of her in my preview wondering if she was going to rely on her saleswoman, PR skills and she actually did with success. Seeing how tensions between the two tribes were a bit too high of the bat, she’s had the best attitude and arguments to appease this a little (apparently stupid Alicia wanted tensions to continue increasing until men and women all hate each other, because we all now how life at camp is fun on Survivor when half the people hate the other half). If she survives Alicia’s attempts to boot her out as soon as possible, she may be able to go far actually.

Kat Edorsson: Is she dumb and has no personality or is she dumb and has no personality?

Kim Spradlin: Not too much of Kim, but just enough to stay on my first impression that she overall seems like a decent, likable and smart woman.

Kourtney Moon out on injury: I’m sad to see Kourney go so early and that way, I really am. That being said, I don’t think she had any chance to go anywhere in this game. Not this season. Not with these people and definitely not with tribe divide.

Monica Culpepper: Not much of her this episode, which in itself seems to be good news for her. Seeing her background, I thought she’d either be too bossy or have a too hard time to adjust to living far from her comfortable life. So far so good. I can’t really say anything else about her though right now.

Nina Acosta: Not much about her either. Here too, it’s good news for her, she didn’t get ostracized as I feared she could be.

Sabrina Thompson: I really like Sabrina. She could be one of the interesting characters this season, and by “interesting” I don’t mean “crazy” but really interesting, with an interesting personality and an interesting game play. Let’s just wait and see.




Bill Posley: Not enough of Bill to really have an opinion of him, but I’m quite disappointed he joined the douchebag alliance. Maybe he’ll realize early enough who he aligned himself with and burn them… or maybe he’s a douchebag too, who knows?

Colton Cumbie: I thought he would really annoy me and that I would hate him, but so far I kinda like him. I don’t think I’ll root for him, and I think he’s shooting himself in the foot by being so openly more friendly with the women than with the men, but he’s also making interesting moves, including one that got him a hidden immunity idol, although according to the preview for next week it may not stay hidden for too long.

Greg “Tarzan” Smith: What?! I was expecting the second coming of Phillip Sheppard, Coach 1.0 and or Jimmy T and so far we got nothing, or almost nothing. Editing people, please, enough of the obnoxious Chicagoan and more of the Tarzan-wannabe!

Jay Byars: Yawn.

Jonas Otsuji: Not enough of him in my opinion, which makes sense among all of those pretentious people whoring for camera time, and which is a good sign for his longevity in the game… Wait, what am I talking about, Survivor editors in the past season had no problem with never showing a contestant until he’s voted out. Do you remember Rick from last season? Me neither…

Leif Manson: Not that much of him either. A good thing that his size hasn’t been mentioned at all, maybe he won’t get the Kelly Bruno treatment. Actually he seems to be getting along with his tribe mate and this season’s NaOnka is on the other tribe.

Matt Quinlan: And here comes Mr. Douchy McDouchey. I’ve rarely disliked one person so much so early in the season, but two? That’s gotta be a record. If it possible to be more pretentious, unpleasant, macho and simple douchebaggy than Matt? Oh and also, he should learn how to play Survivor before acting like his God’s gift to this game. Being in the “dominant” alliance doesn’t mean being in the alliance with the most muscle, but being in an alliance that will have the majority at tribal council. Hint: that is not an alliance of four people in a tribe of nine. With some luck, he could be the first one voted out in his tribe. That would be sweet.

Michael Jefferson: For some reason, I don’t dislike him as much as Matt. Probably because he hasn’t spoke as much… Actually, he may have had as many confessionals. Still, despite being the one who stole all of the women’s stuff (which is both a good move and a terrible move depending on how you look at it), he didn’t antagonize them as much I feel. I think he may be capable of some diplomacy and social game, a thing I’m afraid Matt is devoid of.

Troy “Troyzan” Robertson: I’m very disappointed in Troyzan so far (but maybe the editors are to blame). I expected something from him during this first episode, anything. Good, bad, wacko… Something. But no, not really. Hopefully next week.


Next Time on Survivor:

From the preview, things will happen to, around, because of Colton. I don’t believe that he’ll be voted out (on the sole premise that the preview implies that he will) but he may alienate himself from his tribe faster than expected.

Who’s next to go?

If Manono goes to tribal, I see Matt being blindsided (or is it just wishful thinking from my part?)

If Salani goes, I hope Kim and Chelsea realize who they allied themselves with and blindside Alicia (or is it just wishful thinking from my part?)


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