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One Month without News


So, my experiment about going one month without news ended two days ago. Now is time for the debriefing.

At first, it was a bit hard I admit. Especially because two days after starting the experiment, some sort of crazy serial killer disguised as a terrorist by the French government became a big sensation in France, and the whole thing took place in Toulouse, where I went to college. So, of course,  was really tempted to know more.

However, this was actually the perfect example as to why I think we’re all too obsessed with the news.
Sure, the guy killed a few people, but how exactly this event that doesn’t really concern many people can take so much importance to the point that it becomes the main topic of conversation for an entire nation for a few days, and then completely disappears from people’s minds a few days later?

After that, not much. Well, the fact that Hana was born in the meantime helped not focusing too much on the news, or lack thereof.

I kinda wish I could have followed the French presidential campaign a bit closer, but mostly for the lulz or various factions talking trash to each other; the serious stuff has been the same for years, nothing new really.

On Friday, at the end of that month, when I started following my main news sources again on Twitter and Google+ (strangely, I didn’t follow them again on Facebook), I’ve been somewhat hesitant at times, and actually, I see how my twitter timeline is getting crowded again by too much noise. I may unfollow some news sources again really soon.

So, I guess that this experiment was a positive one. I feel that it has really helped me cutting down on my addiction to the news, because all in all, how many of those news are really meaningful for our life and how many are just another distraction?



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