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It is a fact that I follow the news a lot, many news, too many news. My twitter feed is almost only that, news. Facebook is doing a bit better, but not that much better. I don’t follow many news sources on Google+ but some still manage to sneak into my stream once in a while.

Am I a news addict? I guess I am. For example, why exactly am I still following the US news so closely almost 7 years after leaving the country?

And yes, you will have noticed that most of the news I follow are from the internet. Well, the fact that I now live in Japan plays a part here, but not completely. Even last year, while still living in France, I had almost completely stopped buying newspapers and watching TV, and while my wife watches a lot of Japanese TV, not watching the news or watching the Japanese news is roughly the same in most cases.

So, it has been established that I’m almost literally wired to the news, but what I haven’t expressed yet is that I’m actually not too happy about that. It is some sort of addiction. Not really needing that much news, but always wanting more, never fully satisfied. Truth is, I have been thinking about cutting this addiction, but you know how addicts are, always quitting tomorrow, and never doing it in the end.

However, I decided to take action after reading Matt Cutts’s blog this morning.

See, he likes to give himself 30-day challenges once in a while, and the latest one was to cut himself from the news for one full month. If something important happened, he’d know it from his friends, family, contacts, well, from someone else.



That was the spark I needed. If he can do it, I can too!

So starting tonight, I’m cutting myself from the news for a month and we’ll see what happens.

The first step will be unfollowing, unliking and uncircling all news organization in my various social medias. I, obviously won’t buy any newspaper, and as far as TV is concerned, as I previously mentioned, Japanese news won’t really spoil the “challenge.”

Then, I’ll lead my life as usual from there, and we’ll see where this leads us.

The goal is not to be totally cut from the outside world for a month, but to simply lead a – I believe – healthier life for a month, and I’m pretty convinced that after that month, I won’t start following again that many news sites.

We’ll see…




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