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Nick Wilson

(David vs Goliath – 2nd-time player)

Nick is in a tricky position. One that is very similar to Adam’s and to a lesser extent Wendell’s and Michele’s. He’s young, he’s a very recent winner and he’s a super fan, growing up watching the people he’s going to play against. And he will have to navigate all of this.

Will people like Boston Rob and Parvati take him seriously? Will he geek out too much and let his guard down? Or on the other hand, some people who hadn’t played in a while and haven’t watched Survivor too closely in recent years may not know him and not know his strengths and weaknesses?

I’ve been wondering whether the recent and young winners should form alliances or on the contrary should try to align themselves with more “respected” winners to deflect any target from themselves. Honestly, I don’t know. I tend to think that the latter is the best option for Nick. If he gets into an alliance with Adam, Wendell, and Michele, the old school players will do all they can to take them down. Either the recent winners will be voted out early, or they win this battle, but what then?

Imagine that Nick, Adam, and Michele have been allied and are in the final three together. Their “résumés” may appear as pretty much indistinguishable from each other.
On the other hand, let’s say that Nick gets into an alliance with Boston Rob and Sandra. With them, he gets rid of the other younger players, and later on, somehow manages to get rid of his legendary allies. That’s a nice path to victory. It’ll be much more difficult to make it to the end this way, but it’s a sure victory if he does. But is it too difficult? Maybe.

Honestly, I have no idea how Nick can do this season. I doubt he’ll be an early target, but it’ll be difficult for him to get to the end, especially in a way that makes the jury want him to give him the title of Sole Survivor. As much as I’d hate for that to happen, Edge of Extinction and a Chris Underwood style victory could be his best option.

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