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My newest pet: the Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle


Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle - 1


This is a Japanese rhinoceros beetle (Allomyrina dichotoma or Trypoxylus dichotomus in Latin – yes, it has two names, unless I misunderstood something and Kabutomushi in Japanese). And it is indeed my newest pet. See, I’m not allowed big pets in my apartment, and my daughter is still too young (and not well-behaved enough) to safely keep small pets (fish, small mammals, etc). So as I’ve been without a pet for far too long, I thought it would be a good choice.


Japanese Rhinoceros Beetle - 2


The only issue is that they only live for a few months when they’re adults. The good news is as I have a couple, I also now have about 15 babies (aka grubs, not exactly the cutest babies in the animal kingdom), which means I will have some next summer too. However, 15 is way too many, I cannot and don’t want to take care of that many, so I have to find a way to relocate most of them soon, or else I won’t have any other option than be called a baby killer….




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