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Natalie Anderson

Ok, let’s start this cast assessment with Natalie, and we’ll go on in alphabetical order (of last names) after.
I’ll give you my personal opinion of the contestants, and how I think they’ll play, what they’ll need to do in order to do well and similar things. Also, as Twitter is the social media where most Survivor contestants publicly interact with each other and with their fans the most, I’ll also give you their Twitter account when applicable.

Natalie Anderson

(San Juan del Sur – 2nd-time player)

I like Natalie, and I like how she won her season. She is a pretty all-around good player. She has no huge apparent strength… I mean, she’s one of the physically strongest women to ever play this game, but you know how women always get underestimated in that domain. I wanted to add “unfortunately”, but in Natalie’s case, it can be an asset, as it will allow her to kick some ass and maybe even some asses. She also doesn’t have any obvious weaknesses. Her temper could hurt her if she ends up butting head with someone, but I feel it’s quite unlikely this season.

Apart from Jeremy, I’m not too sure how well-connected she is with the other players (because this is going to be a factor more than ever in a season where anyone and everyone is a threat to make it to the end), but I think she attends quite a few Survivor events, so she probably already know most of the other contestants, even if she may not be close friends with them.

How far can she go? I really think she can make the merge without many problems, she’s a team player, she will help to win some challenges and she won’t be seen as a threat early on.
Can she win? Well, anyone can, but I think she has some good chances.

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