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My Map of US Counties

So, I’ve found this blank map of US counties online. They’re not exactly hard to find, I just happened to find one without looking. So, I thought about doing “my” map of the counties where I’ve been.

After the fact, I could have done it more detailed, distinguish the counties I just drove through from the ones where I actually spent time, even if just a little, but the truth is that it was more than 20 years ago for some of them, so I’m not always exactly sure. Actually, it’s not that hard to guess where I spent time and where I just went through.



And of course, you may want to do your own map. Here is a blank map, just click on it to have it full size and then right-click to download it:
(yes, I know, it doesn’t have Hawaii or Alaska, sorry if you’ve been or are from there)






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