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Millennials Vs Gen X – Episode 4: Who’s the Sucker at the Table?


Another episode focused on the Gen X tribe. We’re not seeing the Millennials much, but as they’re winning immunity challenges, I assume that their beach is just that at the moment; a beach with young people hanging out and having fun.

Well, not everyone, Adam is busy looking for an idol. Finding one is on every big fan’s to-do list when they get on the show, even more so if said fan is also at the bottom of his tribe.
And find the idol he did.
And we got a very positive edit of him, a very emotional one too. When you see a contestant crying because a family member is sick, you know that production wants you to like them. There is still a lot in store for Adam before the end of the season, believe me…

I guess we also had a glimpse of Hannah, still portrayed as clueless, joking to Adam about looking for the idol when he already has it.

A few lines about the reward challenge. They should have more challenges in the waves. That may be a personal thing, as where I grew up, the ocean always have some pretty cool waves, and playing in the water at the beach rarely consisted in swimming, but almost always in doing something wave-related.


OK, Gen X beach is all over the place this week. Out of nowhere Lucy started speaking and even be dictatorial. Or she probably always was, we just never saw it before. I’m not sure what was up with her edit. I thought that gone where the days when an almost invisible character would become prominent on their boot episode only. This is exactly what happened there, almost to the extreme, after three episodes of little to no Lucy, she’s everywhere this week, even has confessionals. That spelled “this week’s boot” over her head quite early on, in my opinion. Especially because she was depicted quite negatively. Unawareness of how people perceive you is very often what will be your downfall premerge. But we can’t say that Lucy wasn’t aware, she even describes herself as a tiger mom.
I guess she just forgot that you can’t treat other adults that are your equals the same way that you treat your (probably neurotic) kids and your (probably very sad) husband.
That’s a great way to put a big target on your back.

Still, that was without counting on Jessica who decides to rat out Ken for some reason and create turmoil in the tribe. Jessica seems to be a smart person, but the paranoia that comes with playing Survivor is getting to her, after voting Paul for imaginary reasons, she should have laid low, follow whoever wants to lead the next vote and not create waves. Instead, she starts playing both sides (or at least she’s perceived as doing so, as now people know what she can do and are careful with her) and basically digs her own grave.

Well, except that David decided to play his idol to save her.

Is that a good move? I can’t decide. I’m kinda tempted to say yes. On the one hand, you don’t want to waste an idol premerge until you’re saving yourself from being voted out. On the other hand, David has been at the bottom since day one, and there, he can take control of the tribe.
How long this new alliance of David, Ken, Jessica and Cece gonna last? How strong is it going to be? Not long and not so much in my opinion.
But at least David has more leeway now.

The only problem is that he must know that a tribe reshuffle is coming, so positions in each tribe will be completely different. And indeed, next week we’re getting the expected “unexpected switch” which could change everything anyway. So maybe he wasted his idol after all.

Next time on Survivor:

Tribe reshuffle time, hard to tell what will happen.

The preview focuses on Taylor and Figgy being separated, not sure. Will one of them be voted out because of that? I doubt that the preview would hint at that (although last week’s preview hinted that Lucy would play an important role this episode).

Voted out next week: OK, I make the call solely based on the preview that Figgy is the one getting screwed by this tribe switch.

Winner: I still think that Adam is in pole position, Ken is trailing behind him. While David is more and more depicted as a future returnee, I don’t think he’s gonna win at the moment.

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