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Millennials Vs Gen X – Episode 3: Your Mission is Recon

I’m starting to be a bit concerned about one thing this season.

I had the feeling last week, but brushed it off as “the Millennials lost immunity, so the focus is on them, it’s normal” but now I’m starting to wonder whether there is a huge imbalance between both tribes. I don’t mean in strength, but simply in interesting things happening.

I’m starting to think that – except for Ken McNickle and David Wright – the Gen X tribe is simply boring.

And even Ken and David… While Ken got some major “winner edit” tidbits this week, and a lot of focus was also on David (like every week since episode one), what we saw from them was not that different from what we saw last week. It felt that it was a bit of a rehash.

Ken: “I’m not just a hot guy, I’m also deep, sensitive and I get things done. Oh, and I’m poetic too.” Are you in love with him yet? Because if you’re not, it seems that the producers really want you to be before the end of the season. I can’t say that I dislike him.

David: “I’m so out of my element and I’m totally at the bottom, but I’m a big fan of Survivor and I’ll do what it takes to keep on surviving vote after vote, even betray every single other person in my tribe if needed.” (even Ken?)

And he got things done, as his biggest threat was Paul Wachter and he got voted out.

Well, I feel that we missed a few conversations here and there, but the architects of Paul’s downfall really were Paul himself as well as Jessica Lewis. Remember, big egos only last in Survivor if they can deliver on what they promise. It’s not about telling what you can do, it’s about doing it. We’ve seen that countless time on the show.


CeCe rocking the challenge!


Jessica’s decision was pretty interesting. But was it a good move? Hell no, that was a terrible move!

Do not rock the boat when you don’t need to. Stop being obsessed with big moves, and definitely keep them for later in the game (when the jury is watching) or if you really need them to survive right there and then.
But paranoia often take over in this game.
Paul never even hinted that he was thinking about having the men going after the women. Better, he even reassured her (albeit not very diplomatically) that he would tell her if that were to happen.
But Jessica took it as a threat for some reason and acted on it.

For that she is our recipient of this week’s Impact Player.

Meanwhile in the Millennial tribe all is well… Well, not all. Zeke Smith and Adam Klein are in trouble. Or at least seem in trouble as they still have a quite positive edit and are getting more screen time than most people on their tribe. I think they will turn things around somehow.

I’ll finish with the first scene of the episode when Hannah Shapiro just wouldn’t get it, that the more she’d speak to Zeke, the more pissed he’d get. I wonder why that was shown, or at least why this scene lasted so long. I assume that Hanna’s lack of social skills will be significant for later.

Let’s stay tuned.


Next Time on Survivor:

Mmmm… If the Millennials go to tribal, Zeke seems like the obvious choice, but I don’t think he’ll be voted out. Really I have no idea right now. If the Gen X tribe goes, CeCe Taylor could still be in trouble, but the tribe has been shaken up enough that it could be anyone.

(note that I did pick Paul last week… I almost never get it right premerge!)

My winner pick: I still believe in Adam’s chances, but Ken is catching up on him.


OK, that’s all for today.

What do you think of this new format for the blog?

I’m still trying to find the right recipe. I feel that this needs more development, but if you want to have a blog post every week, I don’t think I can go back to a paragraph for each contestant and then more.

Tell me your opinion on that and the rest in the comments.



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