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Michelle Fitzgerald

(Kaôh Rōng – 2nd-time player)

Michele Fitzgerald

Michele is kind of a question mark. Not many people respect her win, and I’m not too sure about it myself.
I always say that whoever wins their season is the best player that season, but the same way that I’m not so sure about Ben (that’s a euphemism), I’m also not so sure about Michele (this is not a euphemism).
I mean, yeah, sure, Aubry should probably have won that season.
However, I don’t think Michele is an undeserving winner at all. She did manage to navigate this messy season without making enemies and win, that’s something. Especially the not making enemies part.

How will she fare among all those winners?
I think she will be, not only underrated among all those people but she may also even be able to fly under the radar for quite a while. Which means that she could go far.

However, she will have to prove herself and surprise us and – more important – the other contestants to win.
Can she do it? Your guess is as good as mine.
In a sense, while most of the people out there don’t have anything to prove anymore she still does. It’ll be difficult, but if she does it, she could win again.

In any case, I like her, and honestly, I’m kinda glad she’s there. Quite the contrary, I want to know what she’s capable of because we clearly didn’t see enough of it in her first season. She’s probably the winner with the least screen time in her season, isn’t she?
At best, she’ll surprise us. At worst, she’ll be voted out early and that’ll be one more “big character” that makes it at least three days further in the game.

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