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Merry Christmas… Dinner…

I guess it’s the time of the year when I wish you a Merry Christmas! Or whatever it is you wish to celebrate (remember, for most of us, Europeans, Christmas is not a religious holiday, it’s a family, food and presents holiday).

I wasn’t sure what picture to use to illustrate that very short post when I stumbled upon old pictures of a delicious Christmas dinner (well, the appetizers only) at my parents’ house more than 10 years ago. It was the first time I spent Christmas with my – then – future wife, and interestingly, last night she tried (and mostly succeeded) recreating a similar dinner than this one (minus the seafood, but with duck magret, not pictured here).

It’s hard to have a decent French Christmas dinner when in Japan, but with my wife in charge of the food, it’s as close as it can get from the real thing.





For the rest of the dinner, dig through these posts, it’s very likely that I have already shown you a few years ago.

Bon Appétit !


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