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Mark Caruso

From the first glimpses I had of Mark Caruso, I can say that I like him so far (“and not in a homosexual kinda way“… thank you Rudy).

He seems like a genuinely good person. One you can rely on and who’s not likely to backstab you if you’re in an alliance with him.

Yes, if I was playing with him, he’s definitely someone I’d like to ally myself with. And allies he will need if he wants to go far in the game, especially because he seems too nice for the ruthlessness that this game can be at times.

Well, I’m not implying that he’s a sissy. He was a NYPD cop, and he applied to the show, so I assume that he knows what to expect in terms of backstabbing and blindsiding, and I also assume that he has the guts to deal with that.

Another hurdle for him is that in his interviews he said he wants to be the provider for his tribe, and unfortunately, Ozzy ended up on his tribe. It’s pretty sure that Ozzy will play the provider card as much as possible to not become an early target.



Unfortunately, I’m afraid that Mark will be an early boot just because of the people in his tribe. Now, I also think that among all the potential early boots he’s the one who has the most chances to do well on Redemption Island and probably come back for the merge (wow, did you notice this is the first time I mention Redemption Island this season?)




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