Life Without News: Day One


No, don’t worry, I’m not going to write every day about my experiment of living without news. However, once in a while, I may post a few thoughts about it, because else, what is the point of telling you about this experiment if I don’t share my “findings”, problems, issues, questions with you?

So far so good, I have no idea of what happened in the world since my last post, although please remember that my goal is not to become ignorant of what’s going on in the world, but to cut my addiction (and why not yours, because you’re addicted to the news too, admit it).

However, my first question arose as soon as I started unfollowing news organization from my social media feeds and streams.

Hiroko Tabuchi

Now, that I have stopped receiving real time updates from the New York Times, Al Jazeera, Reuters, Le Monde and more, what should I do with not organizations, but people who are strongly related to the news, especially journalists, but not only. I mean, people like Jeff Jarvis, Nicholas Kristof, Hiroko Tabuchi, but also Michael Moore and a few others? Should I unfollow them too?

I see two aspects here:

  1. The case for unfollowing: they are journalists and/or talk mostly about the news, so they are news sources too.
  2. The case for still following them: they are people, not organizations, and my point is to not be dependent on news organizations (or at least less dependent), having people as news sources is ok. Also, they don’t only talk about the news, and when they do, it’s not as much as “breaking news” as it is about analysis and commentary.

So as for now, I decided to keep on following them, but try to avoid their posts, tweets and comments are much as possible.


Nicholas D. Kristof


The other issue I have early on are people who retweet or share news organizations. Once again, while not turning a blind eye on them, I’m trying to avoid those retweets and shares. In other words, if I see it, so be it, but I won’t click on the link.


That’s it for today about my life without news. I’ll come back in a few days with more details, or something completely different, we’ll see.

I’m interest what you think about it, so please, do not hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments. Thanks.



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2 thoughts on “Life Without News: Day One

  • Ann

    Hello. I, too, live without news. I don’t own a television. If the news comes on the radio, I switch stations. I rarely seek out news on the internet. I do listen to French radio to improve my French skills, so I catch a little at those times, but I tend to tune it out mentally. I’m very happy living without news. If something’s really important, someone will bring it to my attention, so I don’t live in total ignorance. I don’t watch sad movies either. I’ve had enough sadness in my life; I don’t need to invite anymore in.

    I recently came across an interesting news story on the internet. I related it to my family and asked if they knew anything about it. They surely did; it was breaking news over a year ago! I hadn’t noticed the date of the article. My wise guy brother became very serious and asked if I’d heard that Columbus had landed in America.