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David was born and raised in the French South West. After a few years in the US and a few more in Paris, he finally settled down in Japan. He blogs here about his various experiences and travels, with an emphasis on his home country, France.

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4 thoughts on “Lavender

    • David

      I have to shamefully admit that I’ve never visited Provence (just went through it on my way to Italy).
      This picture was taken by my parents a few weeks ago when they were traveling there.
      Concerning the tourist rush, they said that as long as you stay inland, it’s not bad. There are tourists but a few and they’re “normal” people.
      The craziness is located only on the coast (and you really don’t want to go there in summer if you’re a sane person)

  • Steph

    I’d love to see the lavendar fields in Provence. Maybe one day. I’ve tried growing lavendar here but I guess Creuse just doesn’t suit it since I’ve never had any success. And I love the smell of lavendar.

    • David

      In the South West it grows fine. My mom has plenty of lavender in her garden, however our climate is not that different than the one in Provence despite what Mediterraneans say about it.
      (I mean, it’s obviously warmer there in winter, but in summer? no)