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Kim Spradlin-Wolfe

(One World – 2nd-time player)

Here is another player I’m quite excited to see playing again, first because I like her, and second, because I’m really curious to see how she will do surrounded by good and smart players. Kim is considered to be one of the most dominant winners in Survivor history, and it’s true. However, she played with mostly morons and idiots in One World. Her only real opposition was Troyzan, and there wasn’t much he could do alone against her. Seeing Kim play in such a very different environment will be very interesting.

She obviously has a big target on her back, but I don’t think she’ll be targeted early in the game, and I also think that she’ll be able to make allies quite quickly. If she is as good as we all think she is (myself included), she could go far and possibly win again.

It should be noted that in her pregame interviews she seems quite casual about the whole thing. A bit too casual. I don’t believe one second that she’s there for the experience, to have fun and all that. However, one little tidbit that she casually dropped was that she was willing to work with Sandra. Can we even start to imagine both playing together and steamrolling everyone else? I’d watch that.

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