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Kangaroos in Beauval Zoo - 1


Those kangaroos, like many of the animals you’ll find on the blog, live in the Beauval Zoo in France.


Kangaroo in Beauval Zoo - 2


I always have this strange feeling when I get close to a kangaroo. I mean, they’re so common in popular culture that I always have this unconscious feeling that it is a familiar animal. However, when I see one up close, I can’t help to think that it actually is a very unique and peculiar animal. Especially its head. When I look at a kangaroo’s head closely, it kinda reminds me of many very familiar animals (dog, deer, rabbit) and at the same time, it is very unique looking, no other animal on earth looks like a kangaroo. Even among Australian animals, I wonder what animal is closely related to kangaroos.


Kangaroo in Beauval Zoo - 3



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