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John Cochran

What an interesting character this John Cochran.

I’m not sure if I like him or if I hate him. I’m not sure if he’s going to be memorable for his amazing gameplay or the fact that he will be the most annoying contestant ever.

Part of me wants to root for him, there aren’t enough super fans that play this game.
Part of me wants to see him fail miserably as I already find him a bit too cocky in his interviews.

As everything seems to be so dual about him right now, let’s see his strong points and his weaknesses.



His Strengths:

  • He knows the game inside out.
  • He seems to be very intelligent.
  • He seems aware of his weaknesses.

His Weaknesses:

  • I have the feeling that he speaks too much and that will annoy some people.
  • He may be too over-confident because he knows the game more than anybody else.



Well, he could be an early boot if he doesn’t secure a nice spot in the pecking order of the tribe quickly. He could also make it too the end if his strategic play is as good as he implies. Now, the question really revolves around his social game.


What do you think? First boot or Season 23 winner?


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