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John Cochran – Caramoan Preview



John CochranAh! Cochran, Cochran, Cochcan… John Cochran ranks among the most disappointing players to ever play the game to me. Before his season started, I already imagined the new Rob Cesternino in Cochran. Such a smart young man, such a big fan of the show. He was going to blow us away… Well, not exactly.

The only thing is remembered for was betraying his own tribe to end up being voted out before he would have been had he stayed loyal. But he could also be remembered for his total ineptitude in challenges, his less than stellar social game, his constant self-depreciation, and more. And while that made a great character out of him (hence the reason he’s back to play), he was a terrible player the first time around.

However, I’m kinda excited to see him back. Just because I’m curious. I want to know if he has learned from his many mistakes and if he’s going to be able to turn things around.

In my opinion, it’s going to be difficult.

In his pregame interviews, he says he’s going to tone down the self-depreciation and I really hope he does, but I’m not sure he can.

Then, he comes with the huge baggage of being labelled a “traitor”, one who doesn’t bring anything neither at challenges, nor at life around camp.

Now, there’s a twist: because he’s such a liability and he’ll be in a tribe with a lot of people gunning at each other from day one, the big target he has on his back could simply be just a bit smaller than other people’s big targets. We’ll see. If he makes the right friends in the beginning, and if he’s not the cause of too many defeats in immunity challenges, he may last a while. If not, he’s toast soon.

Overall, I don’t believe he’ll make the merge, unless a twist helps him.



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