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Jeremy Collins

(Cambodia – 3rd-time player)

Jeremy Collins

Ladies and gentlemen, the inventor of the meat shield strategy, Jeremy Collins!

I really like Jeremy. I was rooting for him in San Juan del Sur. He is a Survivor-triple-threat, physical, social and strategic. He had a good chance to win his first time around. He did it the second time, in one of the most difficult seasons to win. I think we can all agree that Cambodia had the highest level of gameplay in the history of the show, alongside Heroes vs Villains.

However, being a “triple threat” may play against him and put a target on him early. In a season where everyone is a threat, the “bigger” or at least more obvious threats will probably be targeted first. For the meat shield strategy to work, you need to have people stronger than you around. Is anyone stronger than Jeremy this season? Tony? Tyson? Maybe.

One interesting thing is that he is playing with Natalie again. If I remember correctly, they were each other’s main ally in San Juan del Sur. It’s highly unlikely that they’ll go after each other early in the game, but if they get into any sort of alliance, they’ll have to hide it somehow, or they’ll both be in danger. They may be targeted just because of that past connection.

How far can Jeremy go? Honestly, I have no idea. Unfor¬≠tunately, I don’t see him winning. Even making the merge may turn out to be difficult. I hope I’m wrong.

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