Jean “Moebius” Giraud (1938-2012)



I guess I need to write a few words about Jean ” Moebius” Giraud as he’s not known from many English speakers (although most of his works have been translated into English and he’s been so influential in the past 30 years or so, that science-fiction would have a very different face nowadays had he decided to follow another path than the one he followed.

I could tell you more details about his life, but any biography will do that better than me. I just will tell you that while I grew up reading comic books, and that I still read a few at times (and if you think that comic books are only silly stuff for kids, you clearly haven’t read enough or not the right ones), I’ve never been a big fan of French comic books with one huge exception, pretty much anything done by Moebius.

He was possibly the most important and influential artist in his field. He was a nice guy. He had a direct influence on two of my friends lives. I met him once. My last drawing dates from that same year; although I don’t think there is a direct link.

I’m rarely genuinely sad when someone famous dies.

Today I am.



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6 thoughts on “Jean “Moebius” Giraud (1938-2012)

  • ShoOp

    DITTO my friend ! One of the greatest artists on earth during our lifetime. I work with him years ago and he was so gentle, modest and caring for others… gawd how we’ll miss him. :((((((

        • David

          Yeah I know Dulac (a friend wrote her dissertation on him). But I don’t think we can really compare both.
          Moebius is much more important and influential than Dulac will ever be.

          (btw, I had to remove one link from your comment as it was broken)

          • Norm

            You’re right, they’re not the same although I get blown away sometimes when I see original artwork, I did with Dulac over 20 years ago and Moebius a few years later when I was lucky enough to see some originals.
            When I got to Studio Ghibli I was struck by how beautifully rendered the background artwork was and amazed at what looked like Miyazaki’s original pencil sketches on the walls held up with drawing pins, no glass protecting them (unless they were prints).
            There was a background artist demonstrating his technique but he seemd to be on a break both times I’ve been there.

            Sorry one of the links wasn’t working.