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Inside the Galeries Lafayette in Paris


Today, I want to allude to a major misconception foreign visitors of Paris often have: that most Parisians shop at the Galeries Lafayette.

While it’s true that in other cities and towns of France, people do shop there more or less regularly (yes, I have another scoop for you: Galeries Lafayette is a chain store that can be found all over France), strangely, when I lived there, I didn’t know a single Paris resident who shopped there. Either it’d be too overpriced (it is indeed) or it’d be too crowded with tourists for people who can afford it.

Next time you go, pay attention to how many shoppers are French. Answer: very very few.

Personally, I don’t think I have ever bought anything in the Paris store, however, it is interesting for another reason; its indoor architecture. This is what I want to show you today:


Inside the Galeries Lafayette - 1


Inside the Galeries Lafayette - 2


Inside the Galeries Lafayette - 3


So, yeah, for that, the Galeries Lafayette store in Paris is worth a visit.

For shopping, my advice to you would be to keep your Euros for less overpriced places



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