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In France


Hana - To France
Gone to France for the first time.


So, I’m in France for the holidays. It’s my first time back home (and in France and in Europe) in two years. I’m taking as many pictures as possible to give you updates about things in France. While I already have lots of things to show you in store, I realized that I don’t have much “everyday life in France” stuff, so that’s what I’ll try to get you, although, yesterday at the farmer’s market I started to take a few pictures and I got to admit that it’s not always obvious, first to see those elements that are “natural” to me with a “blog for English speakers” eye, not mentioning the fact that people look at me funny when I starting take pictures of everyday things as I don’t look like a tourist and all that.

(on a side note, I decided to have Hana, my daughter, as a special guest here at times, because she rocks and you need to know. 😉 )



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