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Is it how generation gaps are born?


This is it:

We now live in a world that is both post-satirical and most likely the darkest timeline. For most of sane people, it’s an aberration.
We are having a hard time grasping how this is even possible.
But then, I’m thinking about my kids, still too young to even be aware of what is happening. They will grow up in that world. For them, it’ll just be normal, they won’t understand why we don’t accept it. We’ll just be old farts for them.


And this is depressing…

This is also what really made me understand that we are the ones shaping the future for our kids. The future doesn’t just happen. More than ever we need to fix that mistake, change the timeline. But can we? I’m not always sure we can, stupidity really seems to have taken over.

I know, we must not give up, every little thing counts, and I believe in the butterfly effect, you never know what thing will become a big one. Still…




  • The post-satirical era is an era where satire and reality have become indistinguishable from each other. It was ushered by Vladimir Putin, posing shirtless riding a horse. Donald Trump running and winning the American election becoming the point of no-return.
  • The darkest timeline is a reference to the TV show Community.



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