The World, France, blogging, me, and the rest…

Hello world!

(never the WordPress automatic title for a first post was so accurate).


If you’re reading this I assume that you’ve already been through the Welcome page and you may already have a vague idea of who I am so let’s get started.

As you have already read, the definite content of this blog has yet to be defined and you definitely have a role to play.

My first attempt for a logo for this site. Its looks and feel may change a lot during the following weeks or months, don’t be too surprised.

However, the ideas I currently have for this blog are as follows:

  • Announcements concerning my other blogs. After all, the main purpose of this site is to be a hub directing you to my other sites, so…
  • Travel posts not related to France and Japan. While I haven’t traveled much outside of France and Japan for the past six years, I still have a thing or two to share with you about a couple of countries. I may or may also talk about places I used to go to during my time in the US. We’ll see.
  • My blogging experience. I’m thinking about sharing details, tidbits, tips about the things I’ve learned about blogging and about how to become a better blogger.
  • My life! Well, I’m not that into sharing personal stuff, but we never know.
  • General things I feel like sharing but not really related to anything, some sorts of editorials if you want.
What do you all think? Any topic that would interest you more than others?


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