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Gun owning Law-abiding Citizens


Alright people, you need to explain me something… I’m sure I don’t need to explain the context.
And by “people”, I mean mostly gun lovers and gun owners from the United States of America.

The argument is always the same:

Law-abiding citizens will never hurt anyone, nor use their guns for violence, so they should be allowed to own guns.”

(This totally overlooks the “accidents happen” part of the problem, but it’s OK, let’s overlook it, it’s not our topic today)

And then, usually, a few lines/seconds later:

If they try to take our guns there will be a bloodbath.”


Er… If you are law-abiding citizens, you’re willing to follow the law, right? So, if the law tells you to give up your guns, as you’re law abiding citizens, you will follow the law and you will give up your guns, right? You probably won’t be happy about it, but you’ll do it nonetheless, as you’re law-abiding citizens and all that…

So, where does this promise (or is it a threat?) of a bloodbath come from? Does it mean that you’re not actually law abiding citizens? I mean, by “bloodbath”, I assume you mean that anyone coming to take your guns will be gunned down. Are you talking about killing federal agents? That’s some pretty serious law-non-abiding, don’t you think?

Please, explain. What does this mean? Are you lying? Are you not actually law-abiding citizens, but really criminals-in-waiting? Is that what you are? And apparently, you’re also OK with criminals-in-waiting owning guns.

Or are you just really hypocrites? You’re only “law-abiding”, when the law suits you? Is that it?

Unless you’re lying, but in the other direction? You are indeed law-abiding citizens and if they come to take your guns, well… you will give them away. Reluctantly, sure, but you’ll do it. And all this talk about bloodbath is just to sound scary and badass because you’re a gun owner, so you’re badass and we should fear you (and you have some serious ego problem in my opinion).

Which one is it?


While we’re at it, may I invite you to read this short and interesting piece about the Second Amendment?

And in case, you want to know my opinion, here it is in short: “gun” and “rights” in the same sentence is an oxymoron. Owning a gun should be a duty, a responsibility, a big one… It should never be a right.


We the people


Note: with such a controversial topic, it goes without saying that comments will be moderated more than ever. If you plan on insulting or threatening me, or regurgitating NRA propaganda, don’t expect to see your comment published here during this lifetime. 🙂



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