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Greenland from above


One thing I like to regularly do with my blogs is to post more or less random pictures in between longer posts. It allows me to keep you entertained when I don’t have time to post. I will do the same on this blog when I find a good picture to post (I have a few in stock), starting with what may be my oldest picture in stock (it was taken in July 1997!)


Greenland from above


It was the first time I was on a plane in 14 years (I was a kid that previous time), and it was my first flight to the US. It was also my longest flight at the time.

I took this picture when I finally saw land, after what seemed like an eternity (it had only been about five hours in the sky), feeling what Columbus’s lookout guy, in his crow’s nest, must have felt. OK, maybe I exaggerate a tad bit. I snapped this picture, not sure yet where we were, I was just excited to see the New World for the first time in my life.

A few minutes later, we were above the coastline, and I could see all of these little white dots in the fjords. I thought we were in Canada, near some coastal town, witnessing a gathering of sailboats like they must like to do in the summer or something.

It’s only when we flew over the ocean again, and then actually arrived above Canada that I realized that we had just flown over Greenland and  those hadn’t been sailboats but icebergs and that for the first time of my life I had flown over and saw an uninhabited region. A very strange feeling at the time, as a European, those were the places I’d see on TV, not for real, even from a plane.

I guess that moment was more or less the “threshold moment” for me. The moment I realized that my playground didn’t have to just be my home area or just France, not even just Europe, but it could be the whole world.

Ironically, while I’ve been to seven new countries since that day, I still have yet to go to both Canada and Greenland.


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