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Geese near Belcastel Castle


Geese in Belcastel - 1


Belcastel is a castle located in a village called Lacave in the Lot department between Souillac and Rocamadour. The whole area is in my opinion one of the most beautiful parts of France. The name Belcastel means “beautiful castle” and you can easily guess why.

Like in many other places in the area, geese are raised, for one purpose: foie gras! The best in the world. I mean it.


Geese in Belcastel - 2


On a side note, see how those geese live. This is pretty much what you’ll see in every duck or goose farm in the area. We’re pretty far from the lies that some assholes like PETA spread, aren’t we? And the feeding of the animals is on par with the life their lead the rest of the time. Believe me that’s some thing I know up close and personal (if you’re planning on disagreeing, first tell me how many duck/goose farms you have been to in your life, and how many force-feeding you have witnessed.)

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not denying that in some parts of the world – I’m looking at you Eastern Europe – methods of foie gras productions can less than humane at times, but tell me, how is it different from the last chicken you ate that was most likely raised in a box, never saw the day of light and never walked more than a meter in its life?

Of course those methods of production should be banned, but it has nothing to do with foie gras and everything to do with mass production of food for societies that have become completely disconnected from nature.



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