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Game Changers – Episode 6: “What Happened on Exile, Stays on Exile”


I love Survivor for a bunch of reasons.

I love blogging about Survivor to talk about strategy and editing mostly.

I’m quite uncomfortable when the real world and Survivor spill on each other. I wondered why this episode had this title, but I guess that the idea. Some things happening on Survivor shouldn’t spill into the real world and into the “real life” of the contestants.

And that’s also why I don’t know how to blog about what happened this week. Honestly I’m still a little in shock, 12 or so hours after having watched it.

So while there are a few things to say about the first half of the episode, I’ll keep them for next week if they turned out to be relevant.

And concerning the tribal council and what happened there (I can’t even spell it out), while I have plenty of things to say, I don’t think that it would bring anything on the table. Most Survivor bloggers have their posts out by now (I’ll link to some at the end of this post), and they already have said what there is to be said on the issue.

So, I will just send all the love I can to both Zeke Smith and Jeff Varner.

Zeke has impressed by since the very beginning (I’m not talking this episode, but the very first time I saw him last season) and he handled the situation in a way that shows so much strength and maturity that I’m humbled it.

Jeff has done something unacceptable, and yet, we need to forgive him. Or if you can’t, at least we need to live him alone. He will have to carry this mistake for the rest of his life, this is not for us to judge him and even less punish him.

So, instead of my thoughts about the whole situation, I’d like to invite you to read the statement that Jeff posted.

And more important, the beautiful and powerful piece that Zeke wrote in the issue.



I will leave you with that this week, let’s hope I’ll have the time to blog starting next week (we’re entering the time of the year when I may have much less time available for long blog posts).

I also advise you to read what these people had to say:



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