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Frail (Inktober 2019 – Day Eight)

Frail is a difficult prompt for today’s Inktober drawing.

For a little while, I didn’t really know what to draw except for a very old person. Except that I’m sure I can’t draw somebody very old in a satisfying manner and didn’t have much time to try – I rarely have more than an hour a day to spare for drawing for Inktober. So, yeah, I was stuck. That is until I saw a very thin and very beautiful but fragile bonsai the other day.

So why stick to a human when anything can be frail, especially a plant.

In the end, I didn’t draw a bonsai, and I’m not even sure this tree really counts as being “frail”, but I had a good time drawing it, and for once, I (almost) didn’t use a model.





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