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Flight (Inktober 52 – Week 1)

Have you heard?

Inktober is starting much earlier than expected this year!

It’s all explained in this tweet:

So the idea is to make one drawing a week all year long, instead of the usual 31 drawings in one month. And in my opinion, it makes so much more sense. Some people may enjoy the whole marathon aspect of the usual Inktober format, but I admit that I find it a bit limited. Yes, as I have explained before, it made me draw again, and that’s awesome, but October becomes sometimes stressful and the drawings are sometimes rushed.

With one drawing a week for 52 weeks (and probably next year and the following one and more), I can spend more time on some drawings when needed, and more importantly, that means some regular practice, and also less pressure if you skip some I guess.

So let’s get started with Week 1 prompt:


I didn’t try anything fancy, I just wanted to do something simple and relaxing sitting at the table with the kids (who started drawing, but it soon became origami).

Here it is:

Pencil draft

A flight of geese

It hit me today, but I realized that I miss seeing flocks of migratory birds in the sky. I guess I don’t live on their path anymore like I used to do in France. 🙁

I know the perspective is a bit messy (that’s kinda my specialty I guess) as it’s hard to tell which wing is close and which one is far, but hey, I never said I could draw well.

So, I guess it’ll be a weekly thing on the blog this year. Stay tuned, and join in.

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