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Ethan Zohn

(Africa – 3rd-time player)

I’ve known for a few months now that Ethan is returning to Survivor, and like many other people, I’m still pinching myself.

I’m excited, but also, it’s a bit of a strange feeling. When I see his interviews, I almost feel like I’m watching a stranger (not that I was intimate with him back in 2001). Some other very “old” players returned more or less recently, I’m thinking about Gervase, Kelly Wigglesworth or Tina, but all in all, they hadn’t changed so much. I feel that Ethan really has.

OK, the question everyone is wondering is how well can he play this season? The craziest twist that happened in his seasons was the tribe swap. We don’t even consider this a twist anymore. Will he be able to adapt? No idea. If we compare to the aforementioned antediluvian players, some did (Gervase, Tina), some didn’t (Kelly). On the one hand, I think he can. He says that he has never stopped watching the show, so he’s up to date with all the current twists. On the other hand, he’s not going to play against newbies. Even very recent players, despite seeming unthreatening right now (I’m sure things will change very quickly), are more of a threat than he is.

Actually, that could really help him. Who will want to vote Ethan out early? No one. There is no reason to, and everyone loves Ethan, right? Who will want to be in an alliance with Ethan? Probably quite a few people. In other words, he should have a relatively easy start that should allow him to get his bearings. However, the game will be fast, very fast. Too fast for him? Very very hard to tell. In a sense, out of all the twenty players, I feel that he’s the one who is the most “mysterious” in terms of what kind of game he will play and what his chances to win are.

We’ll see…

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And that’s a wrap for my individual previews of the players. I hope you enjoyed them, and don’t hesitate to comment and tell me whether you agree or not with them.

I’ll try to write a couple more posts before the season starts, and more importantly, I’ll try to analyze the season weekly once it has started.

Stay tuned.

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