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Erik Reichenbach – Caramoan Preview


I think it’s a shame that what most people remember about Erik Reichenbach was his epic blunder in the first edition of Fans Vs Favorites (for those of you who don’t even remember that, he gave up his immunity necklace in the final five and was voted out). Erik was a very fine player before that. While that move was definitely stupid, that doesn’t mean he is stupid by all means.

His first time around, although being a bit too “star-struck” he was the best player among the Fans (with Natalie Bolton, it’s not a surprise that they were the last two remaining fans). Liked by everyone, very good at challenges, and not bad at all at strategy.

He was a real fan of the game, his interviews showed own insightful he was of what was going on around him.

No, he definitely was a very good player whose reputation has sadly been reduced of that one mistake.

I’m pretty excited for him and return, and really curious of what he’ll do this season.

While he hasn’t played in many years, I believe he’s still a fan of the show and has watched most if not all of the recent seasons.

And he is in the unique situation of having played in the Fans Vs Favorites format before. He’ll have more insight than anyone else about what may be going on among the Fan tribe. By the way, have you noticed that pretty much talks about them right now in the various previews and websites talking about Survivor… this one included? Well, let’s face it, we don’t care about them just yet. We kinda already assume the winner will be a Favorite and while some Fans will turn out to be interesting characters (possibly including a few memorable ones), they’re mostly “cannon fodder” right now. That may change though, and I’ll try to preview them too before season starts.

Back to Erik.

He’s smart, he most likely has become more mature with the years, he’s sociable, we can assume that he’s still athletic, and he knows the game very well.

In other terms, while I don’t see him winning, I see him going very far. He won’t be an early target. He may form a strong alliance with people like Andrea or Malcolm. He won’t be seen as a threat until the merge. He’ll definitely make it there. However, after the merge, things will be complicated as he will be perceived – probably rightly so – as an individual immunity threat, and even his alliance may want to get rid of him as he’ll most likely will be liked by everyone.

He should have a great ride though, and most likely redefine his legacy (that may be his biggest weakness actually, I’m not sure how much he’s there to win, and how much he’s there to have people perceive him in a different way).



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