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Edna Ma


After watching Edna Ma‘s pregame interviews, I’m still not sure what she’s in Survivor for. The only reason that seems to be transpiring right now is to promote her new business. Not really the best motivator to do well at this game. Actually it’s even worse than going there to become famous.

I don’t want to diss her too much, she seems like a fun person to be around, although I’m also afraid that she could be bitchy and/or bossy. Which is not a good sign at all, as she will need to rely heavily on her social game if she wants to get anywhere; I don’t see her being a challenge monster, and I seriously doubt she understands the strategy level of the game (especially when she says that the contestant she’s the most like is Mick from Samoa and then she adds that’s because she personally know him).

I don’t want to be mean to her, I actually would like to root for her for some reason, but unless I’m very wrong about her, I don’t see her going anywhere far. She could even possibly be the first Upolu‘s first boot, and if not, I seriously doubt she’ll make the merge.

What do you guys think? Am I too tough on her?

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