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Early 20th Century Model


While most of the old postcards from my grandfather’s correspondence that I publish here represent places (and they are in my eyes the most interesting), there are also quite a few portraits of people (I’ve already published a certain number of them).

Here is one of them:




Those portraits are mostly of women, and I often wonder who they were. A few of them are clearly pictures of friends and family. I should make some research about that (yes, I know I should have made it before posting this probably), but as people didn’t have cameras at the time, they went to the photographer to get pictures of themselves and loved ones, and they would also get prints of those pictures as postcards.

Some other pictures, I’m not so sure. Were they loved ones or models?

Finally, there are some pictures (like the one above) that are clearly of models. I always wonder why those pictures? Were they famous people at the time? Like “Fabienne“? Or were they unknown models (most of those pictures don’t mention any name)? In that case, why were they so commonly sent postcards?

If anyone of you knows more about the topic, I’m curious.



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